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I started teaching electronics to my daughter (now 11 years old). But there was so much content to learn. How shall we start?

Over the past few months, she saw my work solving problems for friends, giving advice, etc.

When we experiment with various electronic circuits. It has been fun and challenging, but when it is done everyone is happy.

It is great to have a plan because it will be easier to focus on the work.

We will learn together.


Low Voltage Battery Indicator circuit using LM339 —Done

Boosting the Regulator Currents for IC-78xx —Done 🙂 Read more: ✔Experiment increase the current of 7805 with 2N3055 transistors
Learning: Power transistors worked, Regulator IC.
Friends: Anirvan Kule

Constance current using transistor —Done 🙂
Learning: A simple battery charger circuit test.
Friends: Harald Brötell, Date: January 20, 2022

5V 5A, 8A Power supply circuits —in List
Friends: ANTHONY B. BRONDIAL; ma’m/ sir, Do you have a power supply of 5v, 8amperes?
Date: 2022/03/03

LM339 Datasheet – Quad Comparator – How to use —DONE 🙂
Update: LM339 Inverting Circuit
Friends: Bekir ALTIN, Date: 8-Mar-2022

3.7V to 5V converter circuit —DONE 🙂
News: To convert 3.7V to 5V using simple circuit
Friends: Adebayo Paul, Date: 18-Feb-2022

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It is always a learning experience!!!!!Thank You once again!!!
By Mr Ohm 1970

From a comment:

Your work is fantastic a great contribution to people being able to learn with little expense and such a clear explanation almost unique and teaching the young useful skills for their future. Keep going you are doing brilliantly.
By Paul Bush
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Very gookd post. I am facding some oof tese issues as well..
By Vecina Golooza COCA
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My brotһer reϲommended Ӏ would possibly like this website. Hе used to be entiгely right. This post actuаlly made my day. Yοu cann’t consider simρly һoᴡ so much time I had spent for this info! Thanks!
By hall
Date: 2023/03/12
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You are great Person in a world, because you are sharing best knowledge for others.

Abdu Malik

Thanks wonderful work u are doing. I love your website. May God bless u in this work. Regards

Mohammed Shakir

I like what you are doing. Am learning so much easier.


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