Non-contact AC voltage Detector using transistors and IC

Make non-contact AC voltage Detector using transistor and IC

Let’s create a Non-contact voltage detector/tester circuit. Around five years ago, I taught my son to build this circuit. And now my daughter also wants to make it. It is a very useful circuit, uses to detect if the AC main wires or any electrical appliances have electricity in them or not. Read more

3 Simple AC Wattmeter circuits

3 Simple AC Wattmeter circuits

If you are looking for AC power measurement. To use it just a little, which is not worth it. When we need to buy an expensive tool. Because use little does not need high accuracy. I would like to propose the concept of wattmeter circuit in such a way easy as it was.I collected all … Read more

Power on delay circuits and Surge protector without transformer

Power on delay circuit and Surge protector

This is Simple monitor turn on delay circuit, by use contact of relay acts as a switch. When entering an AC main to this circuit. The circuit will delay while Reduce the surge current protection with fuse. Read more