5 volts DC Regulator Without Transformer Using MOSFET
Power supply
This is 5 volts DC Regulator power supply that without the transformer so small size, use the MOSFET is based. It is suitable the digital circuit. Caution! This circuit requires very careful to create. Because there is a high voltages many areas. The diodes D1 to D4 are used to convert AC power line to DC pulse voltage that have the peak is 310 volts. Then, apply to the drain of the MOSFET T1 by through the limit current resistor-R9. The controller circuit causes the MOSFET works briefly only, Before and after power cut at zero volts. In this time …
Mini Emergency Lighting
Controls & Timers
This mini emergency lighting are used to automatically give lighting when ac line power go out. Which they consist of one lamps, a battery, and a low voltage sensor. This projects design take advantaged of simple circuit techniques and cheap. Special feature: 1. Small-sized : output with 2.4V 5W lamp and 3V battery. 2. No transformer so Lightweight and easy to build. 3. No relay so be Silent and small. 4. etc. How it works. To begin with we use 4-5V dc power supply that without transformer. Next, the AC 220V input to passed trough R1 to cut current down …
Rectifier by zener diode
Power supply
The bridge rectifier circuit uses diode 4 the the converter AC to DC, but this circuit uses zener diode as a rectifier instead of diode plain will be current in the direction of the direct bias in the cycle the first current flows through D1 to. to load and then returning the ZD2 cycle, while the other flows through D2 and then returning by the way ZD1. R1 and C1 limit current to the C2, which has served smoothing filter output voltage again.