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4 Gate Tone Generator Circuits using IC-4011

Here is the tone generator circuit, it is small size.
I use IC digital CMOS 4011 quad NAND gate.

4 Gate Tone Generator Circuits using IC-4011

Simple Tone Generator Circuit

Simple Tone Generator Circuit using IC4011

This will cause another NAND gate to pulse oscillator which will drive another gate to output a 1.3KHz tone.
The transistor provides a drive for the 8-ohm speaker.
The IC 4011 ‘s Input pin 1 for Control output tone generator, so a logic “Low” don’t have tone but logic “HI” it has tone sound at a speaker.
The capacitors C1 and C2 are determined tones frequency rate.
And the resistors R3 is controlled sound volume, so it must have less than 180 ohms at 9 volt supply.

Resonance generators by 4011 CMOS Gate

Resonance generators by 4011 CMOS Gate

This Resonance generator (oscillating sound generator) circuit, designed using CMOS integrated circuit number 4011(CMOS Quad 2-Input NAND Gate). Contains within 4 NAND gate. To each oscillator circuit has a 2 circuit. This circuit provides a higher frequency, IC1c and includes IC1d. Another one, the frequency range below and include IC1a IC1b.
The low-frequency pulse is sent to control the work of another. Diode D1 will IC1c and IC1d a pulse out at low frequencies. The diode D2 will cause the oscillating sound. S1 open voting is oscillating slowly lowered slowly. The discharge of capacitor C1 value of the equipment does not need to be very accurate. SP1 except that it must be a transducer crystal.

Simple Sound Alarm Generator using CD4011

Simple Sound Alarm Generator using CD4011

This is Music Sound Generator circuit. It is basic and simple circuit. By use integrated circuit digital number CD4011 or MC14011 or TC14011,it be nand gate logic. By three this circuit is giving can the sound about 10watt by use 8ohm loudspeakers and use power supply voltage 12V. Friends can lead this circuit into pieces warn have a voice loud periodically. By control on-off the sound has with SW1 or Alarm Actuate Switch. The detail is other a friend sees in the circuit.

Easy sound Generator high power using TC4011

Easy sound Generator high power By TC4011

Origin sound circuit or sound Generator model this to receive design give can go out 10watt with full speed from ahead power supply 15volt. Besides still sound origin periodically as well. Which if lead this circuit goes to assemble with the circuit steal already it will give the sound that attracts more than loud ordinary sound. The work of the circuit use switch S1 is formed control. Integrated circuit IC1 at use the number TC4011, which assemble be Nand Gate 2 input 4pcs. The detail is other, see in circuit picture yes.

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  1. I need a small 4, 6, 9 or 12 VDC tone generator for a large scale model warship’s fog horn – 80Hz – 100Hz. O can add and amplifier if needed. Can any of the your circuits be modified for 80HZ, if so which and how? Or perhaps you can suggest something else” it doesn’t have to be a schematic or kit, a turnkey unit will work?

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