4 Peak voltage tester circuits using op-amp and 723

4 Peak voltage tester circuits using op-amp and 723

If you want to check the peak voltage of the signal to change at any time. Measuring with a multimeter will not do it. We recommend this circuit. It may help you. Precision Peak voltage detector with a long memory time We use this circuit The op-amp IC number CA3140 is the main equipment, acts … Read more

OLD digital voltmeter circuit diagram using CA3162 and CA3161

CA3162 and CA3161 old digital voltmeter circuit diagram

This simple digital voltmeter circuit diagram is a saving, easy to use Because it is smaller than a typical circuit, I believe that after I presented this circuit. You will certainly like it. Note: Also this you can see these projects: Simple Digital voltmeter circuit using ICL7107 Digital multimeter circuit using ICL7107 This circuit can … Read more

Analog VU meter schematics

Simple VU meter from multi meter

Let’s use two simple Analog VU meter schematics. If we take the amplifier connected to the speakers. It is very dangerous.If your amplifier has a higher power than the limits of the speaker. It may make a very bad sound. More important is the speaker and amplifier may be damaged.These circuits may help you! Simple … Read more