Analog VU meter schematics

Let’s use two simple Analog VU meter schematics. If we take the amplifier connected to the speakers. It is very dangerous.If your amplifier has a higher power than the limits of the speaker. It may make a very bad sound. More important is the speaker and amplifier may be damaged.These circuits may help you!

Simple Analog VU meter circuit

Simple VU meter from multi meter

An expensive stereo is general often have built in VU meter to show max power (not too much). But a typical radio receiver or small amplifier will not have the VU METER.

I will modify the multimeter, or a galvanometer in the measuring range 100uA. And another small number of electronic devices.

In circuit,diodes and capacitors acting rectifier and filter from AC to DC current.
The VR1-Potentiometer 10K for fine full scale of meter

Easy to use, you build this circuit into internal monitor speakers right away.

Parts you will need

M1: 100uA Galvanometer or VU Meter
D1: 1N4148, 75V 150mA Diodes
C1: 47µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors
VR1: 10K, Linear Potentiometer

Peak Reading VU Meter by IC CA3130

Peak Reading VU-meter by CA3130

When you build Amplifier Circuit. You maybe need Peak Reading VU Meter circuits. I recommend this circuit, it uses IC CA310 opamp, giving high sensitivity, indicating with a Current Meter (Standard VU-Meter unit). easy to build. VR1 is used for fine adjustment of input signals. Also perfect unit for a audio signal mixer to adjust recording level.

Parts you will need

IC1: CA3130, Op Amp, BiMOS, MOSFET Inputs, CMOS Outputs, 15MHz
M1: 100uA or 130uA Galvanometer or VU Meter
D1: 1N4148, 75V 150mA Diodes
C1: 0.1uF 50V, Ceramic Capacitors or Polyester Capacitor
C2: 39pF 50V, Ceramic Capacitors
C3: 47µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors
C4: 100µF 25V Electrolytic Capacitors
R1: 68K 1/4W Resistors tolerance: 5%
R2: 560K 1/4W Resistors tolerance: 5%
R3: 220K 1/4W Resistors tolerance: 5%
VR1: 220K___Linear Potentiometer

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Bimlendu Shekhar

Shall I Use multi-meter or any other meter instead of VU meter???

billy hunter

this is a good project to build with is a little complicated to build.

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