Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor

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  Posted by momename - April 29, 2007 at 10:45 pm

This circuit power Inverter 100W, it easy and good ideas.

When use the electric appliances that want 220V AC 50HZ, which have small-sized about 100Watt not exceed. By when you apply outside home, as a result have to have Mini power inverter about 100Watt, perform modify from work electricity forces of battery 12V give tall fair the work. If you are New user electronics or want to economize or want to build electronics project use by oneself. I begs for to advise this circuit , because it uses , transistor number BC557 or the number replaces, perform oscillator generator. Then have power transistor 2N3055 numbers perform to drive coil transformer for converter voltage give tall go up 220V AC 50HZ at the electric power about 100 watt not exceed. When apply to transformer about 2A-3A. Picture circuit detail and like model PCB Board.

Circuit Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor

PCB Inverter 12V to 220V 100W by Transistor
Source: PK kit Circuit

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