Many Electronic circuit projects in simple ways of learning

How to choose function generator circuit suitable for you

Function generation circuits, suitable for use or test the various electronic circuits. The circuit uses IC to work directly. The high efficiency. In some circuits, a simple device. Basic, making it a simple and affordable.


Triangle and Squarewave Generator using IC-40106

Triangle wave generator circuit with cmos inverter IC— It is easy use a few parts, you can make it now!….


function generator using op amp LM1458 That circuit is based on a LM1458 or RC4558 capable of producing sine, square, triangular, sawtooth and pulse waveforms of high accuracy and stability….

Simple Function generator by LM566 The simple Function generator two waveform, It produces triangle and square waves from 1Hz up to 1MHz. The Amplitude, offset and duty cycle are adjustable to offer wide range of generated signals…..

Signal Generator by ICL8038 ICL8038 signal generator chip, manufactured by Intersil. An improved version, made by Exar corp. is available (XR8038A). It can be used to produce three types of waveforms, sine,…


XR2206 Function Generator.
The XR2206 Function Generator>(Sine-Triangle-Square Waveform Generator) The frequency range is 1HZ to 1MHz. and can be adjusted by VR3. SEE Circuit XR2206 Function Generator…..


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