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Current-controlled Sawtooth Generator Circuit

This Sawtooth wave generator circuit include of the frequency oscillator is controlled by current. Which can generate the sweep frequency in wide range. Suitable to be applied in the field of music equipment and a narrow pulse output. Also we are able to be a random circuit, and Hold.

Current-controlled Sawtooth Generator Circuit

This circuit include of current variable power supply circuit (T1, T2-BC557) and trigger (N1, N2 of CD4011) and switch (T3-BC547). When apply voltage to the circuit, C1 will be charged by current sources. Then, voltage across C1 to threshold level of N1.

The T3 is conduct current, through N1 and N2, and C1 is discharged. After all, the cycle will start automatically. The sawtooth waveform at the output will be buffer by FET(E300). The T4 is the peak-to-peak signal of about 1.3 volts.

The value of the equipment specified in this circuit, it is frequencies about 5 to 500KHz, by adjusted by P1, although the circuit is able to output at high frequencies. But it would have distorted waveforms.

If C1 = 5.6 nF and R1 = 1K frequency is in the range of 0.5 to 500 KHz, And may be used the inverter replace the nand gate.

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