NE566 Function generator | Voltage Controlled Oscillator VCO circuit

We have many ways to make the function generator. Using NE566/LM566 is a good choice. Because it easy to use. It looks like a NE555 timer. And we often use the NE566 as Voltage controlled oscillator or VCO circuit. It is a type of oscillator. We can control the frequency of the output with the … Read more

Simple function generator using op amp LM1458

Simple Function Generator Using LM1458

This is function generator using op amp. As usual the function generator will be expensive and difficult.However, this is a simple circuit with only two ICs.This circuit is suitable for experiments. The output is 3 waveform , Square wave signal amplitude 7Vp-p, Triangular wave = 2Vp-vp and sine wave = 2Vp-p all have the frequency … Read more

5 function generator circuit are suitable for you

Here are the function generation circuit lists. Why use them?  They are suitable for use or test the various electronic circuits. These circuits can generate 2 or 3 waveforms such as square wave, triangle, and sine waves from 1Hz up to 1MHz. In different amplitude. You can use a lot of components, transistors, instant ICs, Op-amp, … Read more