Sine Wave Generator Circuit With Double Balance Mixer IC

This is a simple sine wave generator that out of 30MHz,15MHz. It uses the main components IC-number NE602. What is it? It is a Double Balance Mixer type IC to make a sine wave circuit.

The internal structure of this IC will include The front-end, including the receiver and transmitter sector. Thus, making relatively high-frequency applications. Model of the circuit in this section.

What is more?

See Figure 1.

How it works

Sine Wave Generator Circuit With Double Balance Mixer IC

Figure 1 Sine wave generator circuit with double balance mixer IC

In-circuit will find that differences with the circuit from presented comes. Because Making frequency or Determines how often is used will use Inductors and variable capacitors instead there will be the following formula.
f = L1/VC1 …….(1)
By that:
f = Desired frequency is measured has unit is Hz
L1 = Inductance is measured in Henry.
VC1= Capacitor is measured in Farads.

Suppose, We use L1 value 1.5 uH and VC1 value 50pF the frequency output will equal 30 MHz, or the center frequency will equal 15 MHz for application.

L1 is used we have to do point tap. For the feedback signal. Which point is that this is about ¼ or 1/5 cycles, from positions to ground. The frequency output that out of pin 7. That will must pass C5 before. Therefore is to be used. For the value of C5 will reference with VC1 there. The C5-capacitor will have no more than 15% of VC1. Suppose, If VC1 has a value of 100 pF. The C5 will equal 15pF.

The application of this circuit can use easily instead of the frequency generator of crystal, Piezo, LC circuit.

How to build

This project is a few components thus can build on an universal PCB board. As Figure 2 is components layout and The wiring But look out carefully for is the polarity of the electrolytic capacitors, resistors, and pin of IC1 correctly.


Figure 2 The components layout and The wiring

The components List

Resistors size ¼W +5%
R1: 470 ohm
C1, C2: 0.02uF 25V__Ceramic
C3: 0.1uF 25V____Ceramic
C4: 100uF 16V___Electrolytic
C5: See text
VC1: See text
IC1: NE602 Double Balance Mixer
Other components
Inductor: 1 pcs.
Socket 8 pin: 1 pcs
The universal PCB board: 1 pcs.


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