74HC4066 Quad analog switch CMOS Datasheet and example circuits

74HC4066 Pinout connection

What switches is in In digital? 74HC4066 is a good answer. Most people use them. Why? The 4066 is a high-speed CMOS Quad Logic Chip. Which containing with silicon gate Cmos technology. To use as analog switches. They can turn ON or OFF with external logic signals. See inside 74HC4066 or 4066. It consists of … Read more

The experimentation of 2 bit binary counter using CD4027 SN7473

2 bit-binary counter using cd4027

We are experimental to create a simple counter circuit today, is a 2-bit binary counters.Which consists of the gate and flip-flop both of TTL-IC type. We use the ICs are NAND Gate number: SN7400N and the flip-flop No: SN7473N, which consists of JK-FF two pieces. We use only one at a time, so can try … Read more