12V to 300V DC-DC converter circuit

This 12v to 300v dc-dc converter circuit. By 2N3055 transistors and 2N1305 are pillar equipment and power transformer transform the sky tallly go up then change voltage regulator rectifier with diode and Capacitors make output have voltage about 300V at Current 55mA. With this circuit a friend can apply the work next. Request have fun , DC Power Supply 300V or DC Converter 300V , please sir.

DC Power Supply 300V From battery 12V

The following circuits to similar to the this circuit.

This circuit is DC to DC Inverter which , can modify from DC Voltage of Battery 12V be DC High Voltage 300V get. By this circuit has lowness current. Then build easily and use general equipment. such as The Transformer the general also the work. And the integrated circuit, Transistor also the number that seek easy with. IC 555 is A stable Multi vibrator perform Square wave frequency Oscillator or pulse generator go out at pin 3 make Q1,Q2 work alternate send the electric power goes to still Transformer change Rectifier Circuit have DCV 300V the way is Output for apply the work next. The Q1 and Q2 are hold heat sink with. The detail is other request friends see in the circuit which not difficult. Request have fun Cheap high Voltage Low Current DC to DC inverter Circuit

Cheap high Voltage Low Current DC to DC inverter

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  1. “…transformer transform the sky tallly go up…”? Seriously?

    This looks like it could be a great, helpful website, if only the text made sense. If you’re going to write the text in English, could you please work with someone who knows the language to edit for you? I have no idea what you’re trying to say here.

  2. Hi i need circuit to step up my dc motor fuelless generator. 1.5v to 5 or 6v. Or a circuit that i will use to connect two dc generator together to step up volt that will charge my phone and feedback the generator battery. Please reply me to my e-mail. Thanks.

  3. He mean if u build this project and its done…U curcuit board will trust to the sky like firecracker…prakkkk….up to da sky..am i right?

  4. Good Day, Thank you for the nice collection of projects.

    I want to use your DC-DC converter to drive a DC vacuum tube amplifier, I just need a little more power out of it – 150mA, would it be possible to just use a bigger transformer? or should I add another set of 2N3055 transistors in parallel to the existing ones with 1ohm bleeder resistors on them?

    Thank you

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