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High Voltage power supply 3000V

This is high voltage power supply 3000V DC. The diode 4pcs.(D2-D5) in this circuit is model at have pressure electricity size turns back topmost (PIV) 1000V 8-8.25A. The resistor and capacitor the connection straddles to mourn one by that one has 470K 1W sizes and 0.01uF 1000V model ceramic respectively. The capasistor C2-C11 be supposed to the value about 500uF and 450V durable pressure electricity minimum rates (the direct current) K1 be Relay 24V ( the direct current). At dare to touch 25A T1 sizes are a pot transforms the sky that has the coil secondary 2200V(rms) 500mA durable electric current minimum rates. Because of this circuit gives electricity tall many pressure then should use the carefulness specially and inappropriate for a novice, be lucky sir.

High Voltage power supply 3000V

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