Simple adjustable voltage and current Power supply,0-50V 1A

Today I recommend the Simple adjustable voltage and current Power supply circuit diagram, 0-50V 1A. It’s very interesting since is highly effective.

This circuit has a special feature that can supply output voltage widely range is during 0.1V to 50V. With a value of the load regulation changes not more than 0.005% between 0A to 1A.

The working of circuit
DC adjustable power supply high efficiency 0-50V 1A by CA3130-CA3086
The Simple adjustable voltage and current Power supply circuit diagram

The stability of load regulation when changing the input voltage about of 0.01%.

The noise output signal is less than 250uV.

This circuit can provide an output voltage in a wide range using IC-CA3130 op-amp. Which we set the input voltage range of about 0V. The rate of the output voltage can not by adding Q4 between this IC and transistor both series.

This circuit has a high threshold, makes the regulation is accurately high level.

The Darlington transistors-Q1/Q2 makes a high enough. Q3 is the limited current output. When the VR1 fully anticlockwise, Q3 current limit around 0.6A. This current limit, it will not work When the VR2 rotate clockwise until it stops.

The regulator circuit works as follows, is IC-CA3130 compares the voltage of the output are fed into the positive input pin of the IC. There is Reference voltage entered to negative input pin, output voltage of regulator is to be lowered by the voltage dividing circuit to prevent damage to the IC. Reference voltage can be adjusted by VR2, which should be a good quality. If the axis of VR2 is close to the signal output is not constant.

Another IC, is CA3086 functions compensate, the reference voltage from changing the temperature.

This IC consists of transistors 4 pcs (2N2102, 2N5294 and 2N3055), which can be used as a diode or zener diode and a transistor, which acts to reduce the output impedance of the reference voltage generator circuit.

In addition, the voltage reference IC can also be reduced to the CA3130. This circuit will fully dependent the help the IC between these two. If IC1 is not working properly, it can cause damage IC2, transistors all, should stand at least 55V voltage so as not to damage it.

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