First Arduino leaning Board

Many friends suggested that my son should learn to use Arduino micro controller before.
So it is First Arduino UNO R3 Board R3 leaning Board of my son.

The Arduino is the concept characteristics Platform consists of Hardware and Software. Used for connecting computers to the physical environment, including users, called Physical Computing.

The arduino start publishing works around the year 2005. The purpose is to create hardware and software is Open Source.Disclosure of the source code, schematics for the board microcontroller, and other detailed documents For example: Manual, sample code, under its publishing and development. For those who want to create Electronics Prototyping.

Why Arduino has been widely popular?
+ Easy to use For example, using the power from the USB port + download via USB from a PC or notebook. Do not use the Hardware Programmer. Which may have a higher price than the price of the board’s microcontrollers.
+ The software used to develop applications for the Opensource (Arduino IDE).
+ Run multiple platforms (Windows, Mac OS X, Linux).
+ Disclosure of the source code And to further development
+ Disclosure circuits (schematics and PCB files for PCB) is OpenHardware.
+ The Circuit disclosed, under the name Creative Commons License
+ There are variety of hardware Arduino Boards / Arduino Clones / Arduino Shields
+ Applied to a wide variety of applications, such as robot control, flight control devices (Flight controller) for Quadrotor device readings from sensors and sends the data to the IoT Cloud.

First learning with a LED flasher
He try to create the simple LED flasher.
Start downloading drivers from To install into a computer.
001_Downloading arduino driver
As Figure 1. Downloading arduino driver

Then we apply the board to the computer through a usb port.

The first program, the default is “Arduino Blink”. It is the most common example. To determine the function of the board.
After opening the program We got to sample “Blink” to the menu File -> Examples -> Basics -> Blink.
Figure 2 the first arduino blink
002_the first arduino blink

The first Sketch will also be open. Which has statement less the line. It ordered the Arduino board LED flashing numbers 13 on board only.
the LEDs alternately flash ON and OFF about once per second.

He want to use output this so use the 13 port as Figure 3
how to apply the output 13

003_how to apply the output 13

He uses the external LED and 470 ohms in series on the small breadboard. As Figure 4

004_uses the external LED

As Figure 5 First times arduino learning by my son.

We try arduino find it very easy to use. It is very popular. Next, we applied a lot more.

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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