3000 watts Dimmer for Inductor Load

This is the 3,000 watts Dimmer for inductor load example: the Electric Fan, AC motor,Electric drill etc. But most general dimmers is used for resistors load only such as lamp, soldering iron, heating coil,etc. Why our project can do? The normal dimmer cannot use for inductor load, because the phase of current and voltage drop across load not same, the current will slow than the voltage by 90 degrees. (Theoretical maximum). If we trig the triac's gate lead at a angle of normal voltage, but current will lower than the holding current. How it works Figure 1 is Schematic Diagram…


Music dancing light circuit,4500 watt using opto isolator

This is high power music dancing light circuit, 4500 watts load using opto isolator so safe of AC line. It control light flashing by music input, use Triac driver load. .......... I am extremely proud to present to you this circuit. We dare to challenge that. When you have contact with the circuit. You may have forgotten to do another circuits. In addition to the ability to work resolutely. The circuits is designed. With safety as a priority. So we use optocoupler isolator to isolate the AC line power circuit and the control system circuit is strictly prohibited. In addition…

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