3 to 5 LED chaser circuits using Arduino, with control potentiometer

Have you ever built a LED running light circuit? Many people like these circuits, me too. I am going to show you how to use the LED chaser circuit using Arduino. We can easily apply or change coding. And once you know the working principle. Creating a 12 LED chaser circuit is also not difficult. … Read more

10 LED roulette circuits using TC4011-LM4017

The 10 LED roulette circuit using IC-4017 and IC-4011

If you get the job From teaching science to electronics projects. Elementary education level. This project is right,as 10 LED roulette circuit using TC4011-LM4017. They uses the principles of digital ICs. Create an integrated LED flashing to the rhythm. And then stopped at one of the LED. Enjoy creating game. And knowledge From digital ICs. … Read more