Solar battery charger with overcharge protection

Last updated on July 10th, 2021 at 11:10 pm

This circuit is formed maintain one’s position voltage from solar cell with , shunt regulator circuit. For protect voltage not too until much destroy battery. Because of something charger too much.

Solar battery charger with overcharge protection

The D2 be for protect current flow turn back from battery during nighttime. The circuit maintains one’s position current the few , for feed give the circuit randoms voltage battery.

Which have IC LM723 be main part by may use battery model acid general lead. That want power supply give the circuit all the time , thus should choose battery at have many capacity such as , 40Ah sizes etc. The detail is other , see in the circuit.

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This circuit is not design PCB. If you do not want to design own PCB. Or use universal PCB Board that difficult.
I would recommend a 7 Amp solar Charge Controller


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.


  1. nav

    I impresed by looking that ckt of solar charger using lm 723
    i want to do it in actual so can u tel on which pin of ic should i connect the resistance, diode …?

  2. Curly

    I like the cct cn i hv more info or report. On pin connections

  3. oliver liccien

    Buenas noches Porfa necesito con urgencia donde van conectados los dispositivos al lm723 Saludos

  4. Michael chiemeka

    Pls can i get the numbers to connect the Lm723 ic

  5. Sergio

    Sir, I am really impressed by the building-up of your solar charger circuit diagram,

    Sir the only problem that I am facing now is to identify the pins-number,

    Please can you help me,

    Thanks and best regards

  6. Sergio

    Sir, I am really impressed by the building-up of your solar charger circuit diagram,

    Sir the only problem that I am facing now is to identify the pins-number of the IC Lm723 and how it is connected in the circuit,

    Please can you help me,

    Thanks and best regards

  7. shashanka

    Sir can i have more info or report on the circuit.

  8. Siddiq

    Sir, i`m really impressed by ur circuit , could you send me the detail for circuit connection, Send to my email : [email protected]

  9. shahrir

    sir..i really need this circuit for my final year project. i hope u can specify the IC pin for me. i hope u can help me. send to my email. [email protected]

  10. adib

    Sir please email me the pin connection

  11. Hi, John Chlumsky
    Thanks for your feedback.
    I’m sorry for poor English.

  12. Robert A

    Hi momename, please I will really appreciate if you can please share with me the IC pin distribution over this circuit. It will be very helpful for an ongoing project. My email is: [email protected]
    Kind regards!

  13. Abisoye

    pls sir the pin connection for the above circit

  14. pandian

    Hai, Good Morning
    I have the solar panel 300watts,
    how many voltage battery can use to charge.

  15. pradeep

    Dear sir i need solar charge controller skematic with battery low cut off high cut off using ic lm324…

  16. Younas

    left side pin # 6, Top 12, Right from top to down 10, 1, 4, 11 and down pin # is 7 for your kind information.

  17. sid

    very good circuit i think i will use it for my project

  18. anas

    and can you tell how much power we needed from the input plz ?

  19. Mithil

    Will it work for 7.2 Ah , 12 volt battery ?

  20. Prem

    Sir, l have 240watt solar PV but no information solar battery charger & inverter so I buy lower cost sir give me directions

  21. Joyce

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    Hope hearing from you! Thanks!

  22. Aruna

    In here I need to know how set values to VR1. I think you will send immediate responce.
    Thank you

  23. Kadreus

    I want to set up the same circuit. I think you have done a great job. Can you write lm 723 integrated pin connectors? We need to know where you’re going, which ends when the connection?

    • Hello Kadreus,

      Thanks for your visit. I am happy that you feel interested in this circuit.

      But I am so sorry. I cannot draw a pin number of 723 IC. It comes from an old book.

      I think in the future I can update it.

      Hope you can wait for me and continuously visit my site.


  24. graynix

    I need a circuit to charge a lithium phosphate 12 volt DC battery. It needs to charge with a 5 amp constant current and an adjustable over voltage shutoff.

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