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Constant current battery charger circuit

This is a Nicad battery charger circuit that old, but very effective. Because the principle of charging with Constant current And controlled by constant voltage. The high efficiency.Reduce anxiety on rechargeable batteries for a long time.We use a simple IC-7805 is that everyone must know. To control the constant voltage. We maintain constant current circuits with transistors. And reliability than using a single resistor. Like this circuit. Simple Ni-cad battery charger with little parts

Constant current battery charger circuit

Normally ni cad battery often apply current be stable charger. This circuit was designed go up for use to do battery package aforementioned a kind cell 1.25V x 4 amounts are group model AA that 50mA or cell 1.25V model C that 250mA by build serial. And can fine decorate other value get easy.

Follow the circuit resistor R1 and R2 use fine output voltage. While have no load appraise 8V current output railings will flow through resistor R6 and R7 any one. And when there is the size increases transistor Tr1 as a result quietly work, make at the dot Y have tall go up. Be TR2 work and dot Z be add less.

It make output voltage decrease lower and trend reduction until equilibrium point value filtration of resistor R6 and R7 the that. Must live the experiment thus then must use amp meter just rightly.

But this circuit is still not as good as performance. Nicad Battery Charger by IC LM317T
and for basic : Simple Ni-cad battery charger with little parts

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