Basic pulse generator using op amp IC-4558

This is a sample pulse generator using op-amp. We often use the 555 timer IC to build a simple pulse generator. Because it is popular, easy to buy it, and cheap.

But sometimes, we do not have them. So we use others ways or ICs probably choose this IC. Op-amp is a good choice. It easy and cheap as well.

Pulse Generator circuit using JRC4558

How it works

pulse generator circuit using 4558

Circuit diagram of simple pulse generator using op amp

We can use the op-amp in many circuits. Now we will use it as an oscillator that high quality.

The pulse is a kid of square-Wave or astable multivibrator. It is the most basic oscillator. The status of signal changes all times.

What is oscillator?

Oscillators convert DCV from a power supply to ACV, pulse.

In the circuit above, it uses an op-amp(IC-1458) as the main component a few parts.

The frequency output is set by value Resistor and capacitor-C1.

The C1 capacitor to change capacitance per frequency value

  • 1uF gives 8Hz
  • 0.1uF gives 50Hz
  • 0.01uF gives 700Hz
  • 0.001uF gives 6KHz

In this testing. I use capacitor-C1 of 0.1uF.
We put the IC1b to boost up the output current and to be a buffer to load.

You can use other ICs such as RC4558, LF353 instead of IC-1458.

build simple pulse generator using op amp 4558

Figure 2 Build a Simple pulse generator using an op-amp on the breadboard.

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As the video above, it shows you testing of this circuit.

First of all, I apply a 9V battery to the circuit. Then, I want to look at the output waveform, so use a small oscilloscope. It can show a square waveform.

Next, I measure that output voltage with a digital voltmeter, it can read about 3V.
After that, I measure the output frequency, it is about 50Hz.

This circuit is just a simple experiment. We have not learned the principles of it. Also, it is not suitable for practical using since the output is not steady.

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