4 Monostable multivibrator circuit ideals

The digital circuit additional a circuits taht is very useful is One-Shots circuit or Also known as Mono-stable multivibrator circuit.
This behavior is the input trigger signal into just a single pulse,which is usually a lot of thin or narrow. And then this circuit will output is pulse out there. But width of the pulse width can be set to a value more or less. As needed with configuring the device in circuits. There are several characteristics of this circuit, which I gather is the following.

4 Simple Monostable Multivibrator Circuit ideals

1.) Simple Monostable Multivibrator circuit using CD4528

Simple Monostable Multivibrator circuit using CD4528

This the Simple Monostable Multivibrator circuit. That interesting by use IC CD4528 , be IC CMOS perform be Dual Monostable Multivibrator or One shot. When encourage at input make have a signal pecks at 2 output by have differently. Pulse duration and accuracy are determined by external timing components R1 and C1. Wide supply voltage range 3.0V to 18V. Separate reset available. Quiescent current e 5.0 nA/package (typ.) at 5.0 VDC.

Diode protection on all inputs. Triggerable from leading or trailing edge pulse. Capable of driving two low-power TTL loads or one. Low-power Schottky TTL load over the rated tempera-ture rang.

2.) Two-Stage Timer using IC Dual Timer NE556

Two-Stage Timer using IC Dual Timer NE556

This be Two-Stage Timer Circuit by IC Dual Timer NE556. Which 2 Timer both of build be One Shot. By wasp Trigger pin with GND. Timer1 work send pulse come out. enough be finished pulse. The this Timer2 as a result continue working replace. By the value Time bilateral control with R1,C1 and R4,C6.

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3.) One-Shot By IC Quad Timer LM558

One-Shot By IC Quad Timer LM558

When mention the circuit One Shot friends at take an interest digital side may know good that how much is it valuable ? And I thinks one part as a result like to use IC 555 for this work. Because of good easy economize with. But in occasionally you want to use One shot circuit. Many the group usual use IC 555 many may don’t economize. Try use IC LM558 , replace see. Because integrated one circuit replaces IC 555 get 4 usability not very differently follow the circuit. Use a formula calculate same T = 1.1 RC when friends know like this a time tries to use integrated number this circuit ? be lucky sir.

This circuit requires enough power supply. Do you have this one? If you do not have it. Look:A lot of Power supply circuit

4.) Basic Timer By IC Quad Timer NE558

Basic Timer By IC Quad Timer NE558

Today I begs for to advise the circuit timer the foundation. By use the integrated circuit number LM558 (IC Quad Timer). Which the structure within like to have IC 555 4 within. If think in the sense of the price has already. As a result economize very that one. For the usability have no differently IC 555 highly very popular extremely. Can use do timer circuit well sir time value can change with change R1 and C1 follow a formula calculates T = 1.1 RC good easy. friends try induce try build play request have fun electronics circuit.

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  1. I am really interested in your work. It gives me hope that one day I will come up with a more functional system from your circuit units. I am still an amature with a real enthusiasm and flair for working with electronics. thank you.


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