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High current 12V 30A,25A,20A,15A ham radio power supply

Essential for those who want to use the radio transmitters from a car to use in your home is you need a ham radio power supply DC-12V or DC-13.8V with enough power out of 5A to 30A. According to size of the a transmitter. I highly recommend this high-current power supply circuit. Because good performance, size of output 13V-14V depending on the load.
And can be choose to create multiple sizes of 5A, 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A, 30A. According to actual usage. So allows to save and easier to build.
Of course you can buy the power supplies of this simple and effective with a variety of sizes.But if you build them with your own or together build in groups of your friends, will be have a great time while creating this project. And when completed. Activated According to its function. It would be very proud.
In addition this power supply circuit is also useful as a wide variety. Such as, A large DC motor. Circuit of car audio and other. Which you may apply. By changing the voltage and current as needed. This circuit is very flexible.


Note: If you are beginner this circuit may be hard for you.
You may use LM317 as this circuit : Variable DC Power Supply 1.2V to 30V 1A First projects

Ideas of this circuit.
Tired to find hard and expensive equipment.
if you familiar in the field of electronics, When looking at this circuit be accustomed with the device I choose. It is designed looking easy using a device around the world, Friends would make it easier.
Sorry, friends who are looking for a new technologies that may not be suitable for everyone. But everyone still need a high current power supply that actually works!

But must have the quality.
– The good protection circuit. When the output short circuit or overload.
– In addition, you can also choose to create size circuit in output currents according to the your purpose. by can make the circuit increase the current in step by step with steps of 5 amps. Started minimum currents rate of 5A to additional step . 10A, 15A, 20A, 25A and a maximum to 30A.

The heart of circuit.

I use a regulator IC No.MC7815 or LM7815 or AN7815 is maintain the level as constant voltage 15V. Within this IC have a short circuit protection and prevent overheating. As a result this circuit can be maintain the level output voltage as well. And If there overload or short circuit. It will not damage too.

How currents higher?
At output pin of IC1 will be connected Darlington connected emitter follower With the transistor Q1. And use the Q1 drive to six transistor Q2-Q7 together parallel. To expand the current is increased up. From the original currents maximum output of IC at 1A. When to connect these transistor TIP35 Q1-Q7 to complete 7 pcs. Makes can supplying up to 30A. By parallel with the transistor Q2, from the Q3 onwards there. Each transistor can be expanded current is 5A.
The resistor 0.15 ohm at emitter pin of the each transistor has two act as are:
1. Check the current flowing through the transistor Because there are the voltage drop across them as a ratio of the current flowing through a each transistor.
2. The current through the transistor to equally.

Better protection.
IC-7815 has a wonderful protection system.
1. Short circuit or over current power supply is not broken. IC1 can prevent the overload very well. Even being long short circuit throughout the day. It is still in good condition.
2. Hot does not work. When the temperature its highly unusual. The high temperature protection system will be order it to temporarily stops responding. Until the temperature drops. It is started as usual.
With the advantages of this IC I installed it on a heat sink near the transistor. Which currently active have heat reasonably. But in the load current is too high or too hot.
IC1 has been heating up over defined transistor. It so suspended. Of course, there is no current to the transistor. It thus gradually reduce heat down. IC1, it will return the as it was again.

Overcurrent protection to superior by SCR.
In the short-circuit conditions. or Overload or Using too much currents, the Q2 is pulled by the current estimate 5A Until the voltage size of. 0.75V drop across R5 – 0.15 ohm. (The emitter pin of Q2) and this voltage to the gate pin of SCR1, that it is enough to trigger SCR1 work immediately.
IC1 is temporarily stops responding. Because is overloaded. By earlier, the current of 1A flow through the IC1 and the SCR1 into loaded directly. Not through all transistors.
The SCR1 is working to hold, until the power supply is cut off. Which automatically resets itself in this manner is called a Electronic circuit breaker.

How much the output voltage.

Output voltage of the power circuit is equal to the voltage output of IC1 (15V) minus the voltage drop across the leg base (B) – E emitter (E) of the transistor driver (Q1) and the transistor through (. Q2) and the voltage drop across R5 E pin of Q2.

However, since the voltage drop across R5 for this. Changed by the current flowing through it. Thus making voltage output of this circuit is slightly changed switch from 14V. Under no load is 13V. In fully loaded conditions (regulation).

At this level, it will be maintained pressure succinctly is better than on the electric car. The output voltage can be changed from 11V to 16V. And the transmitter is normally used in the car with 12V battery is designed to be compatible with existing 13-14V voltage.


Because equipment used in this circuit there is not much. And most of them are large. Which must be installed on a cooling pad(heat sink). The operation this project, thus no need to use a PCB. May use point Connect the power cord,, tighten the nut onto the heat sink. Then Connect the wires to the other equipment. Onto the heat sink.

Power Supplies for the testing professional and electronic hobbiest.

Select the value device.

I used to build this project to my friend,when about 10 years ago. With the output voltage of 13.8V, current is about 15A. You may be required by your application, be detailed as follows.
1. The C1 and F1 using this table.

The current output C1 F1
5 Amps 10,000uF 2A
10 Amps 15,000uF 4A
15 Amps 22,000uF 6A
20 Amps 33,000 uF 8A
25 Amps 47,000uF 10A
30 Amps 68,000uF 12A

– I chose the C1-22,000 uF 25V. But not for sale, have to use five 4,700uF 25V capacitors to parallel these. Thus has a total capacity of 4,700 uF x 5 = 23,500 uF enough to use.
– Use size of 5A fuse is a slow, or Slow blow fuse.
2. Choose a bridge diode rectifier And the transformer T1 according to usage.
Because IC-7815 requires a low input voltage to 17V. Therefore the input DC voltage to non regulator to output drop across C1 should be between 18V to 20V. If less than 17V may not be enough to use the circuit. and, If more than 20V over 20%, will result in the loss of many transistors and the ICs. Making must use a larger heat sink is too consumes more energy than necessary.
I choose the size of the transformer 15A. My friends go to the core steel EI at antique store, then go hire made new transformer. Output voltage of 15VAC to this durable and inexpensive.
I have Choose a bridge diode value 20A 200V big size there are heat sink hold.
I used transistor TIP3055 which easier to buy, cheaper and the easier to install than a 2N3055 or used TIP35 which performs better.
You can select any number SCR1 is 200V 5A such as C122,C106 etc.


If you not like this circuit you can look others circuit more below.

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  2. High Current Variable Voltage Regulator 2-36V 10A
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DC power supply 5V and 12V using 2N3055-LM309

This be DC power supply regulator circuit be simple. That can give voltage come out 12V and 5V by use part base be Transistor 2N3055 and Zener Diode 12V. Make can take volt can reach about 15V maintain one’s position voltage be stable 12V well. And change the integrated circuit LM309 for regulate about 5V for apply to Digital Circuit general get. For C3-0.1uF filter the frequency disturbs all well. For other detail friends see in the circuit please sir.

DC power supply 5V and 12V using 2N3055-LM309

Adapter for Experimenter, Dual for Digital and Analog Supply 5V and 9V

The Adapter for Experimenter, Dual for Digital and Analog Supply 5V and 9V
This circuit is designed in a simple manner, The zener diode ZD1=3.9V and ZD2-5.1V is Fixed reference voltage of this circuit. which we can define voltage with S1. Two transistor Q1-BC109C is drive to the power transistor 2N4032 PNP type, both increase the current output up to 2Amp, The VR1 use for adjust current.
Adapter for  Experimenter, Dual for Digital and Analog Supply 5V and 9V

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12V linear regulator for Transceiver Radio

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12V linear regulator for Transceiver Radio

We also have other circuits. Are similar.

12.6V voltage regulator using PNP emitter follower

Today we come to see 12.6V Voltage Regulator Circuit. That use PNP Transistor be main electronic part. By it very the circuit in the character emitter follower or voltage follower make have high current about 0.7 Amp. The part that perform be formed fix voltage output are ZD1 and ZD2, from the circuit notes 6V bilateral. The capacitor C-2200uF help give the circuit has the stability increasingly. For other detail see in a picture.
12.6V voltage regulator using PNP emitter follower