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High current 12V 30A,25A,20A,15A ham radio power supply

Essential for those who want to use the radio transmitters from a car to use in your home is you need a ham radio power supply DC-12V or DC-13.8V with enough power out of 5A to 30A. According to size of the a transmitter. I highly recommend this high-current power supply circuit. Because good performance, size of output 13V-14V depending on the load. And can be choose to create multiple sizes of 5A, 10A, 15 ...

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DC power supply 5V and 12V using 2N3055-LM309

This be DC power supply regulator circuit be simple. That can give voltage come out 12V and 5V by use part base be Transistor 2N3055 and Zener Diode 12V. Make can take volt can reach about 15V maintain one's position voltage be stable 12V well. And change the integrated circuit LM309 for regulate about 5V for apply to Digital Circuit general get. For C3-0.1uF filter the frequency disturbs all well. For othe ...

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12V linear regulator for Transceiver Radio

This circuit is 12V linear regulator for the receiver radios model transistor. which with regard to often use current the very. Especially when do signalling . The 2N3055 transistors that use in place circuit s pay electric this power. Then must pay the electric current has very much. For a resister R1 in the circuit will perform to decrease the quantity will of the electric power to will lose to go to down ...

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12V 20Amp Power Supply by IC 7912 + 2N3055

Here is 12 volt power supply 20A , USE LM7912 and 2N3055 . It easy circuit , Low cost. see detail more in image. This power supply is the result of the use of components at hand (junk box). The core of the project is a number of 2N3055 transistors and a transformer with a 16 volt 18 amp secondary winding. (You can see more circuits that used the 2N3055 as main) As it is constructed using the parts I had ava ...

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12V 5A power supply Regulator with LM1084IT-12

The basic car electrical system gives you around 12-13V when the engine is off and 13-14V when it is running. Not good for a computer, so the basic idea is to use a simple voltage regulator which takes an unregulated voltage in and outputs a regulated voltage. The LM1084IT-12 is a 12V, 5A, Low dropout voltage regulator in a TO220 package to which a heatsink will be added. The low dropout feature is nice as ...

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Regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055

This is circuit regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055. Q 2N3055 x 2 for to increase form IC LM723. To use transformer 10A, Transistor to Hold Heatsink. To adjust the output voltage simplyt by VR1 - 1K. circuit Regulator 12V 10A by IC 723+2N3055 A friend of me wants 12V Power supply for High Current 10A load. Me tries to search see meet this circuit will should is appropriate. Because of use IC LM723. Be the in ...

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Simple DC Regulator By Transistor C1061

This is circuit Simple DC Voltage Regulator By Transistor C1061. (easy circuit) by this circuit can give Voltage go out about 12V, depend on Zener diode or ZD1 usual use 12V values thus. When you use other value 9V such as get Voltage about 9V also. And this circuit still give current output about 1A depend on transformer. The detail is other request you see in image circuit. circuit Simple Regulator By Tra ...

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