DC power supply protection circuits
The 3-pin regulator IC as a 78xx numbers have get very popular. I also like it because it is convenient and affordable. Although it is a short circuit within it. But very often, it would have been damaged when a short circuit. I think that should be a good short-circuit protection circuit.As an example, I would suggest a two circuit. We use a simple technique. The more secure without having to change the IC-regulator frequently. Fuse electronic for ic regulator Power supply, plus the ground, using current up to 1 Amp.Normally used, IC Regulator no. 78XX. When used to power …
Single IC Power Supply by 78xx
This be DC power supply Regulator , that older use 78xx integrated species circuits perform to wait for control the level voltage be stable always. By you have can to fine decorate the pressure follows to want with VR1 follow the circuit.