simple bounceless switch using CD4049

This be simple bounceless switch circuit, In the character electronic switch a kind is one. That be of good quality tall and low noise convenient for the digital. If switch usual apply to digital circuit like to to get into trouble promise disturb easy. It make the circuit works can make a mistake. This circuit uses integrated digital number circuit CD4049 Hex Inverting Buffer. The circuit works model RS flip-flops make a signal comes out to have tall certainty. The equipment adds just also 2 resisters just only. The detail is other , see in the circuit has sir.

simple bounceless switch  using CD4049

In addition, we also can build this circuit with other digital ICs such as

Simple Bounceless Switch by 4011

My friend want circuit Bounceless Switch,in testing digtal circuit.
This is Simple Bounceless Switch by 4011 ( hot IC)
The bounceless output have logic digital,it control by S1.
Detail more, Please read in this image circuit.
Simple Bounceless Switch by 4011

Bounceless switch using IC NE555

This is circuit Bounceless Switch ,
Use IC 555 Timer for Easy Timer circuit.
Output pin 3 pluse 0.1s. Control by push S1.
Volt supply pin 8 = 12Volt
Bounceless switch using IC NE555

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Bounceless switch using IC NE555
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3 thoughts on “simple bounceless switch using CD4049”

  1. I have built a bounceless switch years ago….
    but the one I built had 4 switches and 4 led.
    I was able to count binary using the led.With breadboard attached I was able to check other
    IC. As years went by I have lost my bread/board. Would you have a plan to build another?Or a kit……


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