24v to 220v inverter circuit 300W power

If you have a 24V battery, from anyways. Such as a battery for large trucks. Let’s say, you want to take it to the TV. You cannot do it. Why? It is low voltage. You need to use the 24v to 220v inverter circuit 300W power, at 50HZ like AC line in your house.

In the circuit above. It has a basic principle like others inverter.

First, IC-555 is simple clock pulse generators, to make the frequency in Square waveform. The VR1 has controlled a frequency output at 50Hz or 60Hz.

Second, CD4027 is JK flip-flop To split the signal into 2 different states.

Third, CA3140 and CD4001 and others parts around them, are used to control the output volts with adjusting VR2.

Fourth, Q1, Q3, Q5, and more components drive the primary coil of a transformer in half.
Another one half are also Q2, Q4, Q6 drive the transformer too.

Which, both transistor power MJ15003 or 2N3773 driver transformer 18V CT 18V, 10A, minimum.

VR2 – 50K controls the output voltage at 220V. It gets some voltage from secondary to feedback to comparator IC-CA3130. To set the voltage as want.


I feel impressed with who designed this circuit. Many points require the 6V regulator. The circuit uses 7805 which it is 5V regulated IC. Then, there are two resistors set the output voltage at 6V. The 7805 is famous than 7806. So inexpensive and easily get it.

C6 = 0.1uf metalized-film capacitor, 5% tolerance.
Please read more in image circuit.

24v to 220v inverter circuit 300W power

PCB of 300W inverter power 24Vdc to 220Vac by MJ15003,CA3130,CD4027
PCB:24v to 220v inverter circuit 300W power

Source: an electronics book ( I did not remember, for over 30 years ago.)

I am sorry that cannot show you more detail. Because I have just only the circuit and PCB layout. Although, they have only this one. But, they still are useful. I believe electronics have similar ideas of all.

Cautions! I never build this circuit. So I cannot guarantee it works. You have to get it if it does not work. It is not a mistake, it is a learning style.

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Hi there,
Whould you please teel us how the circuite works?
Many Thanks

francisco kentro albert

Good day sir,pls i wanted to build 24vdc to 240vac power inverter but i don’t have an idea about 24vdc.i can build only 12vdc to 24vdc.pls i need your help.thanks for listening to my area of weakness,i really appreciate


Hi, am interested in building this inverter that uses IC No. 3526 but unfortunately this ic is no where to be found in my country Kenya East Africa, is there a substitute or is it possible for you to sell me some.
Darlington from Kenya East Africa

chandra mohan

Dear sir,
I wish to build a solar power invert er 1000 watts , out put.

Solar panel out put 255 watts /24 Volt and OPV is 33.5 V Dc

I can get 4 Nos of solar panels which connect in parallel to obtain 1000 watts with 24 V.

So Pls advise with the circuit.

Thanks & regards

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