Thanks Lennie Zink and Kathy Zink

I am writing this article, to our deepest thanks to our dear friends, Lennie Zink and Kathy Zink.

If there is a mistake, I take full responsibility. And if there is any good only praise and honor our great Father.

It’s amazing to have internet friends with someone. 

Going back about 3 years ago, I contacted Lennie via email. He is a respectable adult and good exemplary. He loves doing hobbies, making toys, building electronic projects, etc.

At that time, I had quite a lot of family problems because I was divorced from my ex-wife. resulting in lower incomes and having to raise children alone.

One of the biggest problems, my children are inevitably affected by divorce.

Thanks, Lennie

Lennie is a very good advisor. He advised me to try praying to God and reading the Bible for a better life.

So, I try to pray for a blessing from God but haven’t read the Bible.

Later that same year, during Christmas, Lennie sent a gift of $200 with this message:

We were very surprised. Is it possible that someone loves us? Just contact us by email and give us money without expecting anything in return.

The Bible

However, I still haven’t bought the Bible. because I still respect the old religion (from birth) and all our relatives follow this religion.

After that, about four months ago, my daughter became interested in trying to go to church. She likes the symbol of the cross and is impressed with our friends. Our Christians are always kind and happy, especially Lennie. 

At that time, I only hoped that my daughter would have a good time and get good things. We believe every religion teaches us to be good people.

Before going to church, my daughter prays to the Lord, “Please choose a suitable church for us”. As for me, I pray for a Bible that is easy to read and understand.

We got what we wanted; the church has a very nice atmosphere. We are like a newborn baby in a hospital. I still remember the feeling of waiting for my children to be born at the hospital. When I saw other babies, I felt good, even though I didn’t know them. When we see a new life being born, it’s really beautiful.


Everyone in the church acted the same way toward us and received many good suggestions. In the end, my daughter easily accepted Christ.

But at that time, I still didn’t believe in God. Because there is still a very strong original belief.

After that, I read the Bible attentively. And the brothers and sisters in the church recommended reading more in the Youversion APP on cell phones as well. It made me understand more about life, just like Lennie said in all respects.

But I felt rather depressed and sad. Because some passages in the Bible say God hates divorce. I feel very sinful. Will God accept me?

Beautiful Butterfly

Next Sunday, I decided to take my daughter to church again. And on Saturday night, my son said he would also go to the garden to see his father (me) and sister (my daughter) to build a small house in the garden.

This was the first time in nearly six years that he had left the house. Everyone in the family was very happy. It was the most amazing.

The incident of having his son alone in a room for many years was not a bad thing at all. Because of the past, he had honed an important skill. The English aspect that I’m lacking He has a good command of written English and can help write or refine articles. As if the editorial team in a publishing house can work well with writers until the book can be produced.

Luckily, my kids are homeschooled. Because it gives us the opportunity to learn according to our necessities in life. Learn according to the way of life of the family. This experience allows us to save a lot of money on education compared to other studies.

My children are like butterflies in a cocoon. If many years ago, I hurriedly opened the larva’s shell ahead of time. It would either die or be seriously injured. But when we wait for the right time, he will turn out to be a really beautiful butterfly.

Thank God for accepting my prayers many years ago. God now reveals that God did not hate this sinner at all.

On this Sunday,  I believe in God, and I am a new believer studying the Bible.

Seed of life

I think back to three years ago when Lennie planted the seed of life in my heart. The earth held it up well. When the time is right, it sprouts, emerges from the ground, and becomes a tree.

Like when my daughter plants yard-long beans. She just digs a hole, buries it, and waits. By earth and nature, it has given us miraculously harvested nuts.


Thank you very much, Lennie and Khaty. We now believe in Jesus Christ; the Savior has saved us.

Greatest Father

I read in the Bible that by believing in the supreme God and believing that Jesus Christ died on the cross to pay for our sins, we are now free from our sins.

We will also receive the right to be children of God, and Jesus Christ asks the great Father to give the Holy Spirit to every believer.

With this spirit, we will have wisdom and guilt for sin and will never again be lost in the way of sin.

I believe that God is the greatest father and creator of all things.

I love my children so much that I would trade everything for them. And always wish him well, wish him a good future, be able to rely on himself, and be happy in life.

So if we love our children, how much? God surely loves us (God’s children) more than that.


I love electronics. But I’m quite slow-witted, have poor memory, poor language skills, and poor academic and math skills. So choose to study to be a technician.

After graduating, almost all of my friends chose to work for a stable company. About thirty years ago, this occupation was in great demand in the labor market.

But I chose to open an electrical appliance repair shop at home instead because it’s easier

Then, when we entered the Internet age, when I had free time, I always found information on various websites. and met a man who had a career as a truck driver. But he can build a website himself. So I tried to build some websites, which is quite difficult. But since I have free time, I will try to keep practicing until I can make it out.

To write an English article published on this site, I did it out of love and to learn it, which didn’t come out very well. But I feel very happy every time my friends tell me that it is useful to them. I got to know my friends of different nationalities and different languages all over the world.

I’m confused about what I do or my career. I should have chosen to do the same job as my friends, where it is more stable.

But it’s unbelievable that a silly person like me can work like this for so long.

When I read it in the Bible, I understood. This is what God calls us to do. He was so great that he was able to plan for those who were less able to accomplish tasks that were beyond their strength.

I didn’t understand the reason before. But now I know. So thank God that he will always be with us and strengthen us.


I try to sell ebooks using Buy Me a Coffee because it is an easy system. I set the ebook price at $5, and I am satisfied with this price. It is enough for our work.

But some of you overpaid by $15 or $20. I was worried that the system was wrong, so I always asked them, but they said they were willing to pay that price.

This is just one example of a miracle. The unthinkable things that God is planning and providing for his children.

Change of understanding

Electronic, which is a logical science. But sometimes I wonder about invisible energies such as electric energy, electromagnetic fields, electromagnetic waves, etc. Who or what creates these energies?

I believe that God created all of those things. and has formulated its system in the most perfect way.

We always have a mathematical mindset. If there are two options, the first is the idea that there is no God. There is no creator How do we live? Not only is everything illegal, but there is also greed, suffering, and the belief that there is no heaven.

As for the second option, think that there is a God. We love him like a great father. Our actions and thoughts will always follow the teachings of the great Father, and we will have peace in life for sure. By believing that after death they will go to live with God in heaven.

Which way will you choose?

I choose the path that has God because if there is really no God, I definitely won’t lose. because while I am alive, I am happy, and there is peace in my heart now.

But if there is a real God, we will be worth twice as much. Because we will live in heaven with our Father after death.

So, I invite you to experiment with scientific thinking. Try praying first; you don’t have to lose anything. Just ask, and you will receive it.

From my experience, it is an easy and very rewarding investment.  Read more Bible online


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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