Simple 3D stereo sound circuit using 555 and IC4053

This is a create special 3D stereo sound circuit. Which sound is a dimension to the listening. Using the some low frequency to appear out the left and right continuously. Interspersed with master frequency. By signal frequency is mono system passed through this circuit. The low signal frequency and Frequency prototype will take turns, out of left-right output. Alternating signal because it has been triggered from oscillator circuit.

The working principle

The working principle of IC1 is a astable oscillator circuit, that can produce pulse frequencies out of about 14 Hertz, to trig a IC2 work, by separated out to “Select C”.

3D stereo sound circuit
Figure 1 is completely circuit of Create stereo sound 3D.

Where have the mono signal come to through both input A and B at pin 4 and 5 of IC2 in sequence. Which signal from input A will go to output 1. Next, the signal from input B out to the output 2. And in short time or around 1 mS or 0.001 Secoud. The output will come back from input 4 to output 2 and from input B to output 1 switched continually all times.

To connected capacitors C2 is low pass filter some section from input A. Next, signal send to input B. And then, the C3 prevents the humming signal that may happen of frequencies 50 Hz from AC main. This output can connect to the stereo amplifiers or the stereo headphone is even better. The input may be radio signal to TV or other mono signals.
How to build this projects
This project we make on base to experiment the 3D stereo sound system so can put all components in universal PCB board in Figure 2
Figure 2 how to put all components on the universal PCB board.

Components lists
Resistors ¼ W +5%
C1————0.1uF 50V Polyester
C2————0.68uF 50V Polyester
C3————10uF 16V Electrolytic
IC1————IC-555 timer

One Universal PCB

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Is the pin 14 is grounded ? in the perforated plate is not marked , what it is correct? scheme or pcb

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