Dreams build Labs and create electronic inventions

I love electronics very much. But I have had health problems Because too obsessed with electronics
People must eat safe food. Because we are part of nature. We can’t eat transistors. We have to eat fresh vegetables that are free of chemicals. Have good air to breathe.
I want to see electronicists healthy.

I have an old oil palm plantation area that has been abandoned for many years. I’m going to build a learning center here.

We will study many subjects.

  • simple electronic technology according to the available resources.
  • Other handcraft work necessary to create human necessities such as carpentry, generating their own energy, building houses, experimenting, etc.
  • Learning To produce safe food. Such as planting trees, plants, vegetables, animal husbandry By using electronics or technology to help make it easier and more efficient.

Build a simple bamboo pavilion

We started by building a small bamboo pavilion in the garden. For a break for lunch and rain.

I like bamboo wood. Because we don’t have to buy Because they are grown by themselves in the garden. And should be bamboo about 3 years old.

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I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.


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