Learn Melody Tone generator circuits using HT82207 | UM3491| MM5837

This is the Melody and Music tone generator circuit which I think is useful for adding color in the electronic work is good, Can be applied to sound an alarm, or assembly electronic projects very well.

An examples circuit that I suggest, is a switch for adjusting the sound more, it is not boring, these circuits are suitable for the toys in time for the children, or parents who want to add electronics skills to children.

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Western Music Circuit using HT82207

Sounds that you heard in the movie, which is fighting the cowboy, the gun sounds, sound horse this cycle is to be born.Because the IC has already been programmed to be easy to use.

The principle of the circuit is. When the circuit to the power supply. Then try pressing the switch S1 will allow the production of IC1 frequency out of pin 17.

In addition to the Q1 amplifier, IC1 is often the birth up to the control stick – off of LED1, LED2. The R1, R2 are connected to eliminate the current flowing through LED 2 and the C1 and C2 are responsible for filtering unwanted noise away. In addition, VR1 can also determine the speed of sound heard.

Western Music Circuit using HT82207


Western Music Melody Circuit using HT82207

Melody Generator using UM3491

Operation of the circuit IC1 No. UM3491 structures within the memory ROM then become the sound And the chorus. The memory controller is a 10-bit scale code that is set to a music major and a 5-bit control scale code which sets the second chorus.

The R1 is connected to pin 11 and pin 12 to determine the origin frequency oscillator frequency of 64 Hz rhythm and melody sound. Signals that are sent to the Circuit Envelop by the legs 12, 14 are C1, C2 is connected with the signal from the circuit Envelop will come out of stand 13.

With C3 is coupling signal before entering the leg 15 to modulate circuit as a signal audio output to pin 17 which is connected to Q1 which acts as an amplifier if the press switch S1 will make IC1 play a song and then stop if the press switch S1 also a time IC1 will play the next song and then stop the S2-S4. determines the nature of the music to be played.

Melody Generator  using UM3491

Melody Generator using UM3491

Animal Sound Generator Circuit using HT82231

This is an animal origin, a simple circuit. Interesting, because an IC package and a simple good.

Operation of the circuit. This circuit, an IC, a number HT82231 IC package that has other audio source animals. The origin of the sound depends on the switch S1-S8 of the switch.

Each is a different animal sounds and choose to press each LED1, LED2 light alternately as it sounds they hear. The R1, R2 LED forward current limiting for each signal will come out on pin 19, to expand the force with Q1. There is also a sound that VR1 can be adjusted as soon as we hear. Or slow as you like C1, C2 prevents low-frequency noise. And high frequencies.

Animal Sound Generator Circuit using HT82231

Animal Sound Generator Circuit using HT82231

Six Sound generator circuit using MM5837

This is a simple Six sound effect generator using MM5837 that imitates the sound of water and wind in nature. At least 6 sounds by changing capacitance only.

We use IC-MM5837 as an important device. So powerful. And the budget.

For example, six sound effects are:
1. Rain on the metal roof.
2. Rainstorm
3. The wind in the forest.
4. sounds turbulent flow river
5. Waterfall
6. Sea waves crashing to shore.

How it works

The above circuit includes important components is IC1-MM5837 as a digital noise source IC.

But is modified by inserting the proper capacitor unless a sound output like the sound water and Wind in nature.

The connecting circuit is easy. The sound signal from IC1 will be sent out of pin 3 through either C2 or C7 to the ground. To set the various sound.

Six sound effect generator circuit using MM5837

Figure 1 the Six sound effect generators using MM5837

While the signal through R1 to coupling signal to amplify at IC 2 that power up to 1 watt.

The VR1 is volume to adjust the sound low – high as we like.

Then, the signal is amplified will out of pin 5 of IC2 and after that, coupling through capacitor-C10 out of the speaker.

The R3 and C11 will filter high frequency to the ground to reduce the noise signal that do not need.

Determining sounds depends on the value of the C2-C7. By using six switches (should use the normally open push button switch or DIP switch as figure 2) to select each capacitor.

Which we can control the sound out Continuous like the actual condition of the sound. And when the push switch simultaneously to more than one.

Like adding capacitance It makes a different sound.

The capacitance of C2-C7 is set from less to much Can be changed to other values. It can be unlimited. Can be changed to a higher value to 1000uF or more.

Learn How to use LM386 audio amplifier

How to builds
This project is easy to build. we can put all components onto the universal PCB We must look out carefully for is the polarity of electrolytic capacitors and Diodes correctly. Pin of the IC is not an error.

The components list

Resistors ¼W +5%
R1: 5.1K
R2: 6.8K
R3: 10 ohm
VR1: 10K_Potentiometer

C1, C7: 100uF__25V, Electrolytic
C2: 0.01uF__63V, Polyester
C3, C8, C9, C11: 0.1uF 63V, Polyester
C4: 1uF 25V, Electrolytic
C5: 4.7uF__25V, Electrolytic
C6: 10uF__25V, Electrolytic
C10: 220uF_25V, Electrolytic
IC1: MM5837 Digital Noise Source
IC2: LM386 _Low voltage amplifier
Speaker 4 ohm 1W

Music Box Versatile Using IC-M3481

Music Box Versatile Using IC-M3481

This is a multi-purpose integrated music box that interesting, because of an IC package. Is simple and affordable.

The main function of the circuit is the device of the circuit is IC1. This is a sound generator IC. The Christmas season. It is musical all 8 music. When the power supply LDR1 the exposure will cause a voltage drop across R1 is enough to make IC1 work has output to stimulate pin 11 and pin 12 to stimulate pin B of Q1. Q2 and the current expansion drive that will be the speaker.

While the circuit work if the switch S1 is connected to the unique music tracks and so on, but if S1 is not connected. The circuit will play all the songs. If the switch S2 is connected to the cycle When there is no light will stop play immediately. But if the switch S2 is not connected to music and no light will not stop until the song is finished playing.

Switch S3 is responsible for selecting music on, press 1 once one moves to music. The VR1 is also a tone control if VR1 is less resistance will be reduced to a lower tone. And the music will slow down play with. The R6, C3 is responsible for smooth sound more R7 forward to control the feedback stability of dc output of the circuit.

Music Box Automatically Circuit using IC UM66T

Music Box Automatically Circuit using IC UM66T

This is an integrated music box Self Promotion Nat when I open the music box to hear the music out. You can choose music in several voices, just change the IC number only.

Operation of the circuit is when the power supply and switch S1. The IC IC1 is dozen, it will count clock is rising edge. It has output out to pins 3, the circuit will be designed to be integrated from 3. By, if switch S1 No. 1, will be output from the pin 3. If the switch S1 No. 2 is the output out to pin 2. If the switch S1 No. 3 will be output from the pin 4. and if the switch S1 No. 4 is the output from pin 7, the pin 15 at a pin reset is output out to pin 3 instead of the output of IC1 is connected to IC2.

Which acts as a switch, electronics, the signal output of IC1 to pins control the switch of IC2, too, if you can get input from pin 3 of IC1 incoming pin 5 of IC2 to the pin 3, where the power 5V connection. to Pin 4 connected to pin 2 of the IC3., a sound generator IC. The output will come out in three pins and was taken to expand the Q1, C2, R1, C3, C4, C5 serves to filter noise ground. IC2 is the operation of the switch contact IC3-IC5 to select music Controlling the sequence of switch S1.

Music Box Daylight using UM66T

Music Box Daylight using UM66T

Operation of the circuit.While turning the switch to position 1. the Sound generator circuit will come out all the time because the program IC1 is already out.

When a current flows into the VCC. Will be output at pin 3 to Q2.To the speaker drivers. If the slide switches to position 2.This circuit will work as light as LDR1 be, if not LDR1 light will be much resistant. The Q1 does not work, there is no current to flow IC1. It makes up a sound signal, through R2 to extend the Q2 to drive speakers.


I always try to make Electronics Learning Easy.

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