Automatic LED solar light 2
the Automatic LED solar Light is version 2. It has a higher performance, is brighter, compares the version 1. Because we use LED grow use a 12V battery
Dimmer circuit
The AC light dimmer circuit can control light bulb or speed AC motor, we use triac and SCR as main,and adjust potentiometer and switch,more circuits
Light sensor switch circuit using JK-Flip-Flop
We try to apply a JK Flip-Flop to Light sensor switch circuit experiment. We use MC14027 or CD4027 or TC4027 as CMOS-IC that inside has JK-Flip-Flop, and 16 pins. Which each pins difference acts as show in Figure 1 As left section,first include of pin 1 to pin 7, and …
Simple light controller circuit using CD40106
This is Simple light controller circuit that is controlled light-activate. Which use the inverter gate IC-40106 as main components in compare and controlled switches, and common phototransistors as sensors The Operation of switch has several forms. The most basic way is to press the switch directly. If modern must be …