OFF After Delay Switch by Mosfet

This is OFF After Delay Switch Circuit. It is use Mosfet control the work of LOAD get. By have the work is simple be press Switch (Close) and liberate (Open) S1 an electric bell will loud. After C1 is charger within or change R1 ( the accessory is ) The Q1 is stop work. An electric bell is soundless while delay long follow want. By the change value C1. If be valuable about 1uF delay about minute , but if become 100uF values be hour.

OFF After Delay Switch by Mosfet

Note: Load that use be Piezo Buzzer or handbag radio or light bulb etc. Be careful don’t use exceed one’s power of Q1. you use a resister builds serial at the dot X for decrease the trend that flow through Q1 go to still Load less. This circuit may in rows think to is simple about , Delay Switch Circuit again interesting circuit please sir.

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Delay Off Switch 0 to 10 Minutes Electronic Module

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