Simple solar plant watering alarm
This is a simple Solar plant watering alarm circuit. It will sound alarms when the soil is dry. The trees have died. It the solar sell is 6V DC power supply. Thus saving convenience and does not require batteries.No noise at night. How the circuit works As circuit diagram in …
Simple temperature to voltage converter circuit
This is a simple temperature to voltage converter circuit or an Electronic thermometer circuit there. Which will operate in a temperature range of 0 to 24 degrees Celsius (32 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit). The output rate of 500mV per degree Celsius. Which can be read by a normal voltmeter. To …
High Temperature fire Alarm Circuit using transistors
This is high temperature fire alarm circuit, when the temperature rise exceeds the limit, it will sound the siren rang out. It is easy to use with transistor circuit to detects heat. Then, a loud noise of the sirens with IC packages. How it works We uses the combination between …
How to use a Battery Tester
Chayapol (my son) tried to use battery tester, very convenient. He can make it easy to use 1.5V battery of all size(AAA,AA,D and more) and 9 volts battery.
The Op-amp IC tester circuit
This is an simple op-amp IC tester circuit that cheap and easy to build. for test many op-amp ICs fast check. for LM741, LM324, LM339, LM358, LM311 and more