Digital 5V Power Supply using IC L296
This circuit is derived from an application note of L296, It is a Power Switching Regulator from ST. The advantage of using a switching regulator is that there is not much Heat Dissipation in this circuit. Related Links 5v switching power supply Digital power supply circuit DC converter step down voltage Digital power supply circuit 7805+Mj2955 power supply 5V 5A for digital circuit. 5 volt regulator by LM309 Top Linear power supply regulator 5V 5A with 7812 and LM723 Power supply 5V 2A by IC 78S05
ICL7660 DC to DC Converter input 5V to output +/-5V
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Voltage Inverter, +5 to +/-5V, Input Voltage 1.5-10V, or Voltage Doubler to 18.6V ICL7660 Features Simple Conversion of +5V Logic Supply to +/-5V Supplies Simple Voltage Multiplication (VOUT= (-) nVIN) Typical Open Circuit Voltage Conversion Efficiency 99.9% Typical Power Efficiency 98% Wide Operating Voltage Range ICL7660 1.5V to 10.0V ICL7660A 1.5V to 12.0V ICL7660A 100% Tested at 3V Easy to Use – Requires Only 2 External Non-Critical Passive Components No External Diode Over Full Temp. and Voltage Range Source : Related Links 5 volt dc converter All circuits of ICL7660 DC DC converter IC DC-DC converters DC Converter 12V …