2 Light Detector Circuits using IC-555 and C3140

      This is an idea for a light detection circuit. We use the 555 timer IC.Usually, we used to produce frequency (astable multivibrator) a lot easier.

      The single IC with a a few resistors and capacitors, adjust value them to control the frequency output.Can drive speakers directly, as the buzzer sounds.The CDs LDR is a resistor to change its value with lighting.When applied at pin 4 (reset pin), if hight voltage this circuit is work. LDR and R3 together with characterized by a simple voltage comparison circuit.

      When the light is very low resistance CDS, the voltage at Pin 4 is high, the circuit is to hear a voice come out.

In addition, we used this circuit for detect light and alert to us.
We use a below circuit for control others electronic circuits.

Light Detector  Circuits using  IC-555-timer

With light change!

Light Change Detector Circuit using CA3130

This the Secretariat of the Swith light high-quality circuit. By prominent its point is when the light changes the system will order to give Relay work immediately. Detect the change in the light that get from the circuit is will that. We use IC op-amp number CA3130 work the circuit compares with that have tall many rapidity. For detect the light use LDR then economize and be usable good easy. The S1 be The Secretariat of the oval Senate staggers new system. When the circuit has worrked already. The detail requests a friend sees to add in the circuit please sir.

Light Change Detector Circuit using CA3130

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