How to install CCD camera sensor with VHF sender

The CCD camera sensor is device that have very useful. This project has small size. But quality is a lot good. We can install with Television easily through the video in terminals. and connects to the video signal modulated to To send a broadcast RF signal is explicit is better.

This project can be adapted to many applications such as installed in the bedroom children. To noticed the baby through the TV monitor. or When guest press a doorbell the front yard, we will know is who. or Application of an intercom to contact the visible image once. Installed in shops, factories and other places to secure it better.

This small CCD camera video are model of ready-made digital camera has the connecting to use of 3 wire. Able to work in the dark or under illumination 0.1 lux. Using an infrared beam.

In Figure 1 is the small CCD camera video Important details of it are as follows.

The connections
– Red is power supply for 12 volts (wide range 11 volts – 13 volts)
Caution : should uses the power supply circuit that has the regulated to control dc level voltage that constant voltage at 12 volts

– Brown is the output video signal.
– Black is the ground.

The resolutionx detail.

– Vertical 380 line
– Horizontal 450 line

The scanning frequency

– Vertical 15,625 KHz
– Horizontal 50 Hz (CCIR Standard)

The Lens angle
– Vertical 74 degrees.
– Horizontal 55 degrees

The operating conditions
-Working temperature range -10 degrees C to +50 degrees Celsius.

How is projects works

As described above the CCD model can be easily apply just correctly connects the power supply. We will be obtained the video signal level 10 volts peak to peak at impedance of the signal wire 75 ohms then connect to TV that has Video in immediately. But we must build the power supply circuit add the 1 set. By the characteristics of the circuit as follow in Figure 2.


Figure 2 The circuits and connecting CCD camera sensor.

The working of power supply section will have the transformer T1 converts from AC220V to AC12V only, then into the D1-D4 – diodes that is connected as the bridge rectifier into DCV out to C1-capacitor, which acts as a smoothing filter current is DCV again
And Since the the CCD is subtle so should have the regulator circuit is IC1-LM7812 that control level voltage to constant at 12 Volts
When the CCD is derided the voltage supply so can bring the video signal to TV next.

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How to builds
We need to create a section of the power supply circuit. As the PCB layout and the positioning equipment in Figure 3 Which can build by yourself easily. or If you do not want to use the PCB can be soldered directly to the equipment in Figure 4.


Figure 3 The single-sided PCB layout and the Component layout for the PCB


Figure 4 can be soldered directly to the equipments.

The Simple video VHF transmitter circuit.

We able to optimize this project with the Simple video transmitter circuit In the wireless to can be used with televisions that without the Video in port. as show in Figure 5 to bring the video signal from the CCD camera immediately. In circuit has transistor – Q1 number 2SC945 or others such as 2SC458, 2SC1815 etc. They are used to modulation the radio wave mix together with the video signal then send to broadcast. By range that can receiver will be in range VL (VHF) so adjust in 2,3 and 4 channel.


Figure 5 The Simple video VHF transmitter circuit

How to tune the TV easily. Starting assemble the circuit to be available. then placed near the transmitter and receiver. Then adjust the tuner to channel 3. After that move L1 or freqency of receiver, we would have been waves from the transmitter.

The parts list of the small CCD within power supply.

Electrolytic capacitors
C1-2200uF 16V______1 pcs.
C2-100uF 16V_______1 pcs.

IC1-LM7812___Regulator-IC_____1 pcs.
D1,D2,D3,D4___Diode No. 1N4001______ 4 pcs.

Other components
CCD-CCD Model_____1 pcs
T1-transformer_OV : 12V___1 pcs.

The parts list of Video transmitter easily.

Q1- 2SC945 or 2SC1815___NPN transistor____1 pcs.

1/4W Resistors

R1-75 ohms______1 pcs.
R2-22K__________1 pcs.
R3-10K__________1 pcs.

Electrolytic Capacitors

C1-33uF 16V________1 pcs.

Ceramic Capacitor
C2-100pF 50V__________1 pcs.
C3-10pF 50V __________1 pcs.
C4-0.01uF 50V__________1 pcs.
C5-30pF 50V__________1 pcs.

L1- are 3 turns of 24 AWG enamel coated copper wire wound with a inside diameter of about 8 mm. then pull to wide 5 mm.


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