Plant soil moisture meter and automatic controller circuit

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  Posted by momename - October 29, 2012 at 10:44 pm

I like planting trees, because trees are more useful to us. However, I always have problems with moisture content of soil,Each plant needs water is not as same. Watering or soil moisture is not good. May cause damage to our trees. With these problems, I think the electronic system to solve this problem. For example, to check moisture level of the soil. We see from the outside, may not be good enough. Sometimes we see that the soil is dry.But it may be appropriate to plant moisture that, when we add water. It may be possible to root rot. To determine these characteristics. It saves water, too. I collected several circuits below.

1. Automatic watering a tree

A trees should be taken care of as well. This circuit allows for watering trees, can be done automatically.When soil moisture levels decrease, to values that are defined.(Which can be determined by the resistance of R1.) A relay RY1 starts.This relay can be used to control the alarm, or Open water valve for watering plants.The probe used is a large copper wire, or a metal rod with a length of about 120 mm.
On the end of each probe, attached to the insulation sheet, which is right size.(about 40 x 20 mm.) The probe should be straight and parallel bars, each separated by 15 mm. The VR1 to customize the sensitivity of the circuit.

Automatic watering a tree

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3. Moisture sensor circuit

This Check this dry soil circuit or soil moisture meter For the Blind. Because it will alert on clay. Circuit has less detail. It production the low frequency pulse, the IC CMOS CD4001 circuits. is primary device,internal structure consists of NOR Gate.When added to RC circuit will be on low frequency oscillator. It is divided into two series, the first low frequency pulse generator. Then sent to another set. , A set of audio source through the C4 and then out to the speakers.You can apply the display devices as needed. Special about this circuit is to use solar cells as power supply to the circuit.Use only probes. Into the soil, we want to examine.

Moisture sensor circuit

4. Moisture Activated Relay by Bipolar Transistor

Today we try to build warn the moistness or Moisture Activated better. Or do go to use be warn it rains. Because of be the circuit is simple. Follow the circuit will think use Bipolar Transistor just one only. When measure touch the moistness make the electric current flows through to pin B of Q1 get then make it works. The Relay as a result work apply the work controls electric other appliances. By the rapidity of this circuit can control with R2 – 1M. If you use power supply the size is 6V-9V. Should use Relay 6V-9V resistance coil sizes about 500ohm. For the transistor use 2N2222 or BC549 or C1815 etc. Then make the circuit s work well sir.

Moisture Activated Relay by Bipolar Transistor

5. LED warning water the plants with ic 4093

Electronic users love trees. But no time and work and forget Enjoy water the plants.So the trees dry out.This circuit solves this problem.It also allows us to not water the plants with too often.
Operation of the circuit. When the supply to the circuit. IC1 / 1 (IC 4093) will work together R1, R2, D1 and C2 is the Oscillator generator.The output at Pin 11 is a rectangular pulse to IC1/2.To return the logic state is out of the opposite pin 3.In addition, the signal from the pin 11 will be issued to the temple ground. be test point A and test point B.It will be resistance.Make a signal to stimulate IC1/3, IC1/4.Which is parallel to the current output is high enough to make the LED light.The signal from IC1 / 2 VR1 is a fine stream that flows into IC1 / 3 and IC1 / 4. To suit the soil to measure.If the ground for us to measure the humidity Li LED1 will light extinguishes.And if the ground is dry LED1 light depending on adjustments VR1.
LED warning water the plants with ic 4093