Top LM317 Regulator

The popular IC LM317 is used by these circuits.

Audio Amplifier(with PCB)

For you make project easily with PCB.

Transistor inverter circuit

FM transmitter circuit

0-30V power supply

12V auto charger

Power amplifier with PCB easy to build

300 watt – 1200 watt MOSFET Amplifier for professionals only.

Bass guitar super bridge amplifier 200 watt.

100 watt DC servo amplifier by Power MOSFET

First POWER MOSFET Amplifier by K134+J49

High power mosfet amplifier circuit ideas

The cheap 100 watt transistor power amplifier project

Power Amplifier OTL 100W by transistor MJ15003+MJ15004 (with PCB)

2 channel 100W min AF Power Amplifier (Dual Supplies) STK4231II

The main amplifier 50 watt OCL by LF351-2N3055-MJ2955 with PCB

Power Amplifier OCL 50W by Mosfet (K1058 + J162)

Power Amplifier OCL 40W by 2N3055+MJ2955

The OTL amplifier listen comfortably by TDA2030 and TIP41+TIP42

35W Amplifier BCL by TDA2030

Simple preamplifier circuits by transistors

The cheap & small hearing aids project.

High quality tri-amplifier circuits with crossover network built-in

Small Amplifier Circuits

The multi-purpose Amplifier 15watt using TDA2030

Super Small Amp 1.2W by IC TDA7052

TDA820M Mini Amp 2W+2W

Small stereo amplifier circuits by ICs-easy to make

The multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030 (15Watt OTL with PCB easy build)

Power Amp Super Bridge 120W by IC TDA2030 (at 2 ohm speak)

Small stereo amplifier circuits by ICs-easy to make

Small IC amplifiers for speakers

Ideas circuit of small transistor amplifiers

High impedene small amplifer circuit

Analog to digital Amplifier

4 Channel Home Audio Amplifier 11 watt using TDA1554

CAR Power Amplifier

20watt Integrated Amplifier by TDA2005

Cheap car subwoofer filter circuits


Other audio system

The subwoofer simulator by LF347N

Micro mixer circuit by TA7137

Super stereo digital echo by KT5211P

Wide stereo system circuit by TL082

Sound module upgrades with op-amp

Cheap surround sound system circuit diagram

Add dimensional sound from 2ch to 4ch

DC to DC converter circuit

The most DC to DC converter step up voltage by LT1073

5V to isolated 5V at 20mA converter by MAX635

Step up dc converters circuit

Power supply positive-negative-ground from a single power supply

dc to dc converter using ic ne555

Negative supply voltage low current

DC converter 6V to 12V by BD679

Convert two-level DC voltage 5V, 12V

9V battery changed to -5V

Boost up voltage for relay by BC558

Doubler voltage 12vdc to 24vdc with NE555

Simple step down dc converter multi voltage

Micro DC Converter 3V to 9V using TL496

12V to 9V 2A step down dc converter using IC 741 and 2N3055

DC 12V to DC 6V-7.5V-9V Converter using 2N3055

Cheap high Voltage Low Current DC to DC inverter

12VDC to 37V DC converter by SG3524

DC to AC Inverter by IC 555 and TIP41 TIP42

USB to 5V SEPIC DC-DC Converter with Short-Circuit Protection

5VDC Switching regulator from 9V battery by LT1073-5

9V to 3V Step-Down Converter by LT1073

5V 3A switching power supply by LM2576

9V Low Power Switching Regulator by IC RC4193

12V 5A power supply Regulator with LM2678-12

Simple DC Converter For Digital Circuit by IC 555

Switching Regulator 0.5A by LM2574

5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual Switching Regulator with LM2587

LM2577 5V to 12V DC Converter step up Voltage Regulator

5V -1A Power Supply with LM2575

LM2577 simple step-up converter 6V to 12V 1A

5VDC to +12V and -12V Isolated dual power supply

12V to 16V DC/DC Converter with LM2577

LM2678 DC to DC step down voltage regulator.

LM2597HV – SIMPLE SWITCHER Power Converter Step-Down Voltage Regulator

ICL7660 DC to DC Converter input 5V to output +/-5V

DC/DC Converter DC12V to 24V 2A by IC 40106 and Mosfet BUZ11

DC to DC step down voltage regulator by IC LM2576

DC to DC step down voltage regulator by IC LM2575 (1A)

DC to DC converter step up voltage by 40106

DC12V to DC28V Converter with LM2585

12V to 50V dc converter for car by TL072 + 2N3055

RF circuits

FM wireless transmitter circuit

Small FM radio receiver

Simple Active antenna in SW/MW/FM bands

High Q notch filter

Single transistor phase shifter

Power line frequency meter

Simple field strength meter

Easy in-line rf wattmeter circuit

Wide band high frequency amplifier

Attenuate variable radio frequency

Noise limiter signal

The signal radio receivers ideas

A frequency multiplier in depth

Mini amplifier for computer music

LED FM Tuning Indicator

House fm transmitter 88-108MHz at 4 Watt

Car Burglar Alarm system with radio wave signal

Frequency Divider by one transistor BC549

The oscillator generator circuits

Sine wave oscillator low frequency-constant amplitude

Oscillator generator twin frequencies circuit

Band rejection filter using TL071

High Q notch filter

Crystal oscillator using TTL

Wien bridge oscillator with FET

High pass active filter by LM741

Simple function generator using LM1458

IC 4049 Square wave oscillator generator

Function generator circuit

Pulse generator control frequency by digital IC

1HZ Standard digital clock

Attenuate variable radio frequency

Noise limiter signal

Oscillator astable multi-vibrator with Crystal controller

A frequency multiplier in depth

Music box versatile using IC M3481

Animal sound generator using ic HT82231

Noise generator 2 frequency with ic 555

Insect repellent device using ic 4047

Simple signal generator circuit by 2N3906

1khz bandpass filter by ic lm324

Create natural sound using ic MM5837

Simple flashing light by transistor BC548

Sound effects two tone circuit

Signal sound receiver with induction coil

Small Metronome using 2N3904

Low pass filter circuit 10KHz using uA741

Active high pass filter circuit using LM741

60 HZ not pass filter using IC 741

Simple High Pass Filter using IC 741

Light to Sound Wave Receiver using IC 741

Frequency Divider by one transistor BC549

Ramp Generator by 2N4891

Simple Function generator by LM566

Annoying high pitch noise generator by 555

Simple Pulse Generator by IC 555 Timer

Triangle and Squarewave Generator by IC 40106

MOSQUITO REPELLANT by IC 555, 4017, 4011

Pulse Generator Oscillator 32.768KHz by watch crystal

Fully Adjustable Pulse Generator By IC Quad Timer 558

60HZ CLOCK Pulse Generator by IC MM5369

Basic pulse generator using IC 1458

1 Hz Timebase by IC 4017

Programmable Function Generator by 4066 and 4017

Pulse Generator by IC LM350T and 555

XR2206 Function Generator.


AC lights dimmer with triac

Automatic light dimmer circuit

Linear Light Dimmer by Power Mosfet

Dimmer light touch system

1200 Watt AC Dimmer by Triac Q4006LT

AC Dimmer for Lamp 6.3V

Timer & delay

Timer control 1-15 minutes by Triac 2N6075 and LM555-LM358

10 minute time delay by fet 2N3819

Automatic timer switch with ua741

Countdown timer with alarm

Minute Timer with alarm by IC555

Timer set for 30 minutes by transistor

5 Minutes Time Delay using CD4093

10 Second Fan ON delay time by transistor

Simple Monostable Multivibrator by IC CD4528

OFF After Delay Switch by Mosfet

On After Delay with Mosfet

Basic Timer using FET 2N3819

Basic Timer Control with NE555

Simple Timer by CA3140 + NE555

The Basic Delay Timer Circuits using IC-555 base.

Timer Plus Relay by IC 555

LM8560 Digital Clock 24 Hr with alarm

One-Shot By IC Quad Timer 558

Delay to supply voltage for surge protector by scr

555 IC Timer control relay Switch

Switch off delay circuit by 2N4871

Transistor tester

Fast transistor tester circuits

Transistor quality checker with buzzer

Checking Transistor with the sound

Test Transistor in Circuit by IC 4011

Alarm system siren

Two tone siren sound with IC 4093

Siren sound loudly circuit using CD4046

Ambulance sirens circuit

Op-amp siren sound using LM324

Four sirens sound with ic UM3561

Two sirens sound with ic 555

Electronic siren circuit with two transistor

Cheap siren with nand gate IC

Emergency power siren 6 watt

Protection circuits

The speaker protection circuit

Over & Under Voltage protection circuit

Alarm when the supply to rack with 1N4001

Overload protection circuit

Diy surge protector circuits

Motor controller

  1. 12 volt DC motor speed controller with pulse
  2. 12V DC Motor Speed Controller by IC 4011
  3. The 2 channel DC motor driver on saving model
  4. Fan controller by temperature sensor using LM393
  5. DC motor controller diagram with SCR and cmos IC
  6. Fan Speed over Ride Switch
  7. PWM Speed Rotation Forard-Reverse and Regenerative Braking
  8. MCU system Controller 12V DC Motor Speed and Direction using IRF150
  9. 24VDC Motor Speed Control with 20A Shot Circuit Protection
  10. Touch Motor Control by SCR and Schmitt Trigger
  11. ULN2003 Control Stepper Motor by Parallel Port
  12. Stepper Motor Driver by 74194
  13. PWM Control Speed Motor 12V By TL494

Battery charger

  1. Make solar aa battery charger by TL497
  2. The most lead-acid battery charger circuit by LM317
  3. Best 12V battery charger circuit using LM311
  4. 12V Battery charger using UJT
  5. Discharge Ni-cad battery
  6. Solar battery charger with overcharge protection
  7. Automatic OFF 12V Battery Charger by power SCR
  8. Stabised Current Battery Charger by LM723
  9. Dry Cell Battery Charger using LM741 and IC4011
  10. Lead acid battery Charger 6V -12V By 555 and LM340
  11. Automatic Battery Charger 6V-12V with Relay cut off by LM324