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Hello friends,
I have a lot of content. It is very difficult to access. Thus,I made up a navigation link.
It is a pity, if you do not find what you need.

Power supplies

Variable DC Power Supply (Adjustable DC power supplies)
Switching power supply
High current Power supply
3V Power Supplies

10A power supply
12V Power Supply
12V Switching Power Supply
15V DC Power Supplies

5 volts DC Power Supplies ___5 volts DC Power Supplies___50V Power supplies___5A Regulated Power supplies___5A Regulated Power supplies___5V Switching Power Supplies___6V Power Supplies___7805 Regulator Circuits___9V Power Supplies___AC High Voltage Power Supplies___Adjustable AC Power Supplies___Adjustable AC Power Supplies___Negative Power Supplies___Power Supply Units___Zener Diode Regulators___Transformerless Power Supply Circuits___Transistor Power Supplies___Voltage Shunt Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators___Zener Diode Regulators


Include : Home power inverter___High Power___12VDC to 220VAC___In Cars :: Mini___and more…

Battery Chargers

Include: 12V Battery Chargers
Nickel Metal Hydride
Li-on Battery Chargers”
Lead Acid Battery Chargers
Dry Cell Battery Chargers
Best Automatic
Automatic Ni-mh Battery Chargers
Solar Cell Charge Controllers
Battery Testers


There are: Car amplifiers___Mosfet___Tone control___Amplifier ICs___12V___Bridge amplifiers___50 watts
___100 watts
___Guitars___Cheap___Class A___Class AB___Headphone___High End Audio___Home Amplifier___Integrated___Microphone Preamplifiers___Mosfet Amplifiers___OCL___OTL___RF Amplifiers___Signal___Small___Stereo Amplifiers___Tape Head Preamplifiers___Video Amplifiers…and more :


There are: Antenna Booster circuits___Antenna Booster circuits___AM Radio Receiver Projects___RF Amplifiers___RF controls___RF Receiver Circuits___RF Remote Control Circuit Projects___RF Transmitter circuits___Small FM Radio Receivers___House FM Transmitters___FM Radio Tuner Circuits___Small FM Radio Receivers___

DC to DC converter


Step Up Converters

Car DC converters12VDC to 16V, +/-30V,+/-40V,+/50V and more

3V to 9V DC converters

Voltage Doubler

5 volts DC converters

5V to 12V DC converters___6V DC to 12V DC converters___AC to DC Converters___AC to DC Converters___Analog Signal Converters___DC Converter ICs___DC converter step down voltage___Isolated DC-DC converters___Signal Converter circuits___Simple DC Converters___Step Down Converters


There are: 24V motor control___DC motor controller___DC motor drive___DC motor speed control___PWM dc motor control


There are: Automatic Control Circuits___Automatic Water Controllers___Fan Control Circuits___Infrared Remote Control Systems___LDR control circuit___Monitor Controller Circuits___Power Mosfet Controls___Remote Control Circuits___Sound light controller___Temperature-Control___Triac control circuits___Voltage controlled volume control circuit___Volume Control


There are: Cheap Microcontroller Projects___Digital Control Systems___Digital Volume Control___Cheap Microcontroller Projects___Digital Control Systems___Digital Volume Control


There are: Ammeters___Analog VU Meters___Digital Meter Circuit Diagram___Frequency Meters___LED Dispaly Level Meters___Light meters ___Panel Watts Meters___Soil Moisture Meters___Volt Metersand more


There are: DC Voltage Detectors___High Voltage Detectors___Light Detectors___Light Dark Detectors___Low Voltage Detectors___Metal Detectors ___Motion Detectors___Peak Detectors___Smoke Detector Circuitsand more


There are: Best Battery Testers___Electronic Test equipments___Transistor Tester Projects___

Delay & Timers

There are: Delay timers___Digital timer alarm___Time base frequency circuits___Timer switches___Power on delay circuitsand more


There are: Alarm sounds___Car alarm systems___Cheap burglar alarms___Digital Timer Alarms___Fire Alarm Systems___Fuse Failure Alarms___Heating Alarm Systems___Infrared Alarm Circuits___Light Alarm Circuits___Sirens___Water Sensor Alarms

Many Circuits by Main Parts

There are: 2N2222___2N2907___2N3053___2N3055___2N3819___2N3904___2N3906___2N4891___2SC1815 ___2SC458___2SC828___2SC945___2SJ162___2SK1058___AT89C1051___BC109___BC337___BC547___BC557___BC558___BD140___C1061 ___CA3130___CA3140___CD4001___CD40106___CD4027 circuits ___CD4046___IC-4047___IC-741___IC-4011___IC-4013___IC-4017___IC-4049___IC-4060 ___IC-555___IC-7905___IRF540___LF351___LF353___LM1458___LM2576___LM2577___LM2678___LM317___LM324___LM337___LM338 ___LM339___LM350T___LM358___LM380___LM386 ___LM3909___LM3914___LM393___LM723___LM7912 ___LT1073___MJ15003___MJ2955___NE5532___NE556___AT89C1051___BC109___BC337___BC547___BC557___BC558___BD140___C1061 ___CA3130___CA3140___CD4001___CD40106___CD4027 circuits ___CD4046___IC-4047___IC-741___IC-4011___IC-4013___IC-4017___IC-4049___IC-4060 ___IC-555___IC-7905___IRF540___LF351___LF353___LM1458___LM2576___LM2577___LM2678___LM317___LM324___LM337___LM338 ___LM339___LM350T___LM358___LM380___LM386 ___TDA1554___TDA2005___TDA2030 ___TDA2822___TIP31___TIP32___TIP41___TIP42___TL071___TL072 ___TL431___TL494 ___UM66T

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