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Simple electronic circuits :: Easy electronic projects

Audio Amplifier(with PCB)

For you make project easily with PCB.


Include : Home power inverter :: High Power inverter :: 12Vdc to 220Vac inverter
:: Car inverters :: Mini invertersand more…

Battery Chargers

There are: 12V Battery Charger CircuitsNickel Metal Hydride Battery ChargersNicad Battery ChargersLi-on Battery ChargersLead Acid Battery ChargersDry Cell Battery ChargersBest Automatic Battery ChargersAutomatic Ni-mh Battery ChargersSolar Cell Charge Controllers


There are: Car amplifiersMosfet amplifiersTone control
Amplifier ICs12V amplifiersBridge amplifiers50 watt amplifiers
100 watts Amplifiers
Amplifiers for guitarCheap AmplifiersClass a amplifierClass AB AmplifiersHeadphone AmplifiersHigh End Audio AmplifiersHome Power AmplifiersIntegrated AmplifiersMicrophone PreamplifiersMosfet AmplifiersOCL Power AmplifiersOTL Amplifier CircuitsRF AmplifiersSignal Amplifier CircuitsSmall AmplifiersSmall AmplifiersStereo AmplifiersTape Head PreamplifiersVideo Amplifiers circuits…and more :


There are: Antenna Booster circuitsAntenna Booster circuitsAM Radio Receiver ProjectsRF AmplifiersRF controlsRF Receiver CircuitsRF Remote Control Circuit ProjectsRF Transmitter circuitsSmall FM Radio ReceiversHouse FM TransmittersFM Radio Tuner CircuitsSmall FM Radio Receivers

DC to DC converter circuit

There are: 3V to 9V DC converters5 volts DC converters5V to 12V DC converters6V DC to 12V DC convertersAC to DC ConvertersAC to DC ConvertersAnalog Signal ConvertersDC Converter ICsDC converter step down voltageIsolated DC-DC convertersSignal Converter circuitsSimple DC ConvertersStep Down ConvertersVoltage Doubler Circuits


There are: 24V motor controlDC motor controllerDC motor driveDC motor speed controlPWM dc motor control


There are: Automatic Control CircuitsAutomatic Water ControllersFan Control CircuitsInfrared Remote Control SystemsLDR control circuitMonitor Controller CircuitsPower Mosfet ControlsRemote Control CircuitsSound light controllerTemperature-ControlTriac control circuitsVoltage controlled volume control circuitVolume Control


There are: Cheap Microcontroller ProjectsDigital Control SystemsDigital Volume ControlCheap Microcontroller ProjectsDigital Control SystemsDigital Volume Control

Power supplies

There are: 10A power supply12V Power Supply Circuits12V Switching Power Supply15V DC Power Supplies3V Power Supplies5 volts DC Power Supplies5 volts DC Power Supplies
50V Power supplies5A Regulated Power supplies5A Regulated Power supplies5V Switching Power Supplies6V Power Supplies7805 Regulator Circuits9V Power SuppliesAC High Voltage Power SuppliesAdjustable AC Power SuppliesAdjustable AC Power SuppliesAdjustable DC power suppliesNegative Power SuppliesPower Supply UnitsZener Diode RegulatorsTransformerless Power Supply CircuitsTransistor Power SuppliesVoltage Shunt RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode RegulatorsZener Diode Regulators


There are: AmmetersAnalog VU MetersDigital Meter Circuit DiagramFrequency MetersLED Dispaly Level MetersLight metersPanel Watts Meters
Soil Moisture MetersVolt Metersand more


There are: DC Voltage DetectorsHigh Voltage DetectorsLight DetectorsLight Dark DetectorsLow Voltage DetectorsMetal DetectorsMotion Detectors
Peak DetectorsSmoke Detector Circuitsand more


There are: Best Battery TestersElectronic Test equipmentsTransistor Tester Projects

Delay & Timers

There are: Delay timersDigital timer alarmTime base frequency circuitsTimer switchesPower on delay circuitsand more


There are: Alarm soundsCar alarm systemsCheap burglar alarmsDigital Timer AlarmsFire Alarm SystemsFuse Failure AlarmsHeating Alarm SystemsInfrared Alarm CircuitsLight Alarm CircuitsSirensWater Sensor Alarms

Many Circuits by Main Parts

There are: 2N22222N29072N30532N30552N38192N39042N39062N48912SC18152SC4582SC8282SC9452SJ1622SK1058AT89C1051BC109BC337BC547BC557BC558BD140C1061CA3130CA3140CD4001CD40106CD4027 circuitsCD4046IC-4047IC-741IC-4011IC-4013IC-4017IC-4049IC-4060IC-555IC-7905IRF540LF351LF353LM1458LM2576LM2577LM2678LM317LM324LM337LM338LM339LM350TLM358LM380LM386LM3909LM3914LM393LM723LM7912LT1073MJ15003MJ2955NE5532NE556AT89C1051BC109BC337BC547BC557BC558BD140C1061CA3130CA3140CD4001CD40106CD4027 circuitsCD4046IC-4047IC-741IC-4011IC-4013IC-4017IC-4049IC-4060IC-555IC-7905IRF540LF351LF353LM1458LM2576LM2577LM2678LM317LM324LM337LM338LM339LM350TLM358LM380LM386TDA1554TDA2005TDA2030TDA2822TIP31TIP32TIP41TIP42TL071TL072TL431TL494UM66T