Many electronics circuits and projects for learning in simple ways.

Why use Microcontroller

I will teach my son to learn Electronics as homeschooling. It is very good that the device Microcontroller is cheaper, find simple and easy to learn. I have not used it yet. Now, learn along with my son. We hope that learning this time, friends would have been helpful.

Microcontroller in everyday life

In everyday life, we often find the microcontroller. But it will be hidden in various electric appliances, Such as microwave ovens, washing machines, DVD, MP3, and more. The reason is that it has been used a lot because the work was well represented the electronics circuits.

When we want to change the operation of the electronic circuits. We need to design it all. Can not use the same circuit.

If you put the microcontroller used. We can change the work easily. By changing the program working within the microcontroller. Making its ease of design and flexibility of use as well.

Knowledge of the microcontroller

The microcontroller is the Electronic device that functions as a mini computer that takes control of electrical appliances, Internal memory can be changed easily, Using less hardware such as automation of the washing machine, the brain of the car and so on.

Micro controller Internal structure

_Processing unit
_Memory unit
_Interface unit
_Oscillator unit
_Interrupt unit

Processing unit does mathematical calculations or logic. This is complicated work, by the order in which the work is based on processing Programming code. Which is contained within the memory code that.

Memory unit serving store data Divided by into 2 different types of storage space, is RAM: Random Access Memory and EPROM: Erasable Programmable Read Only Memory.
Which RAM, we can change the data at any time and it was used to collect data, to store the variable in the calculation, by the data is lost when we stop power supply. The EPROM for storing Code to stop power supply, even though the information requires special treatment.

Interface unit is communication signals between the external device, and the microcontroller there are two types are
1. Digital I / O by receiving data, and transmits data by Digital signal.
2. Analog I / O, it will transmit and receive signals by Analog signal. Which is available on some models.

Oscillator unit serves to generate a clock signal, Using the circuit is connected to the microcontroller called oscillator circuit. The main device is Crystal (X-tal) to determine Execute time of processing, by will affect the processing speed of the microcontroller. The clock is also used to determine the speed Digital Series Communication signal and determining the frequency of Timer.

Interrupt unit serves to prioritize the work. In the case of microcontroller working Multitasking form. Which will greatly facilitate the programming?

The difference of microcontroller and Microprocessor
– Microprocessor It means a device, small processors. Functional processing only. The microprocessor communicates with By the digital signal to the Memory components. The size of the current signal is not high.

– Microcontroller Will resemble Microprocessor is a device for processing. But the microcontroller has the interface unit making can drive current to higher than the microprocessor a lot. the microcontroller, flexible design circuits connected to an external circuit and suitable for control rather than the microprocessor.

Test and microcontroller development

The Testing and microcontroller development, It will different from programming on the Computer. Which it uses input devices are keyboards and mouse, and output devices are the monitors as It is a device that changes seen clearly.

In programming for Microcontroller, we need to use a computer. Which will have a special program to convert programming code into Machine Language that we write to the Microcontroller tools. It then sends that data via a programmed microcontroller connected to the Computer. Then we will do a test run and customize programs to work well.

Why use Microcontroller
Compare performance between the Computer and Microcontroller

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  2. Hi Walter,
    Thanks for your feedback.
    Now I will tech my son use PIC Micro controller.

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