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Walkie talkies automatic charger circuit

Today I have new circuit idea but old collection. This is Automatic battery charger circuit for old motorola radio.

This is a small motorola radio charger circuit, for the 9 nickel-metal hydride battery holder, if the battery is charged to 11 Volts.

When apply the walkie-talkies in this circuit. The RED LED will light up to show a charging status for times about 8-10 hour, And next the battery is charged in full, then the green LED will glow up, show battery FULL mode and this is in range : “TRICKLE” it will be charging in low current about 10mA-14mA at all time.

Note: When using this Walkie-talkies battery charger circuit. AC plug must be pulled out of the machine at all times.



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  1. Nice project but really don’t need more explanation on it. Can you please me send me the report via my email. Would really appreciate it.i

  2. 12VD-220AC Out put circuet plece kindley sir

  3. home based inverter detail send me on email.plz I am individually working on to for my home.

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