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How to make super fast fuse using SCR

Here is how to make a super fast fuse using SCR. Why should do that? Sometimes fuse works slowly. It does not blow in a short time. So the circuit may damage. This is how help fuse works so fast. With two components, SCR, and Zener. Your circuit will be safe!

How to make super fast fuse using SCR

How does it works

Fuse is a basic protection or electrical safety devices. Although it is very ancient, fuse still has many uses. It is easiest and cheapest than all devices. The fuse must blow when too much the current flows through it to protect the electrical circuits.

But if it takes too long. It may be too late. Our devices and circuits may be damaged.

Placing the SCR in the circuit, makes the fuse blow faster. When the voltage more than VZ of Zener diode. It makes the current can flow the Zener diode though gate of SCR.

After that, SCR works. It will pass many currents to the fuse very fast.

Last, Fuse blows immediately. It causes the power supply and loads safe.

For example, if you use a load 5V (digital circuits). You should use the Zener diode, 5.6V 0.5W.

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