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Touch Motor Controller circuit using SCR and Schmitt Trigger

This is a Touch Motor Controller circuit using SCR and Schmitt Trigger. It is designed for control 12V DC Motor. By use the touch on the plate, the Motor as a result turn go to once.

Touch Motor Control by SCR and Schmitt Trigger

When use a finger touches the metal plate makes Schmitt Trigger Circuit (using IC-4011 NAND gate CMOS) take a signal from Oscillator Circuit and make a signal goes out to bias current a base of Q1-2N5088 works and then it will trigger an SCR1 to drive the DC Motor 12V then turn follow want.

For power supply type of DC Motor this must be AC current 12 Volts Only. Because of make SCR not bias during negative current there.

And this circuit works not heavy DC motor power, turn ? do not turn ? Then don’t have to stick heat sink give SCR1-2N4441 for DC motor you will may use motor at use in an automobile all right.

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