The old pc power supply circuit

A good DC switching power supply circuit form old computer that not used. It has used powerful, durable and works great.
Present, a computer become the electric appliance power needed for every home Because there are very useful.
But lifetime limit and out of date very quickly. There are new program. Desired machine that has high efficiency. You can always change the new. (To a modern).

-Where is the old computers? Most probably it will be discarded as spam. This may be very valuable for many people, including me. Many of the neighbors gave me an old computer always to make the projects.

-The first thing I like to use is the power, even if old but powerful, durable and works great. But it should always be properly grounded. To prevent electrical leakage or electric shock. Normal voltage is 3.3V 5V 12V and a lot more.

Note: Other circuits involved.

  1. Power supply switching schematic

-Sometimes you may have to use the old computer. The children will learn the basics or playing simple games. The power supply circuit is damaged. What to do?

-Highlights of the Ninth Circuit is old technology, it’s the easy part. But sometimes it can be hard to find circuits. I collect old it plan to guide the repair or modification is not limited. There are 5 circuits, as follows. (see below!)

(1.)200W PC power supply switching 110V-220V

200W PC power supply switching 110V-220V
This be PC power supply for Computer again interesting circuit. May advantage with friends at do an occupation can repair a computer? By think be the character Switching power supply 200W sizes take AC Voltge Source 2 level be 110V and 220V choose can use leisurely. And still use volt out many the group be +5V ,+12V, -12V enough will use for small-sized computer or AT power supply. When see the circuit will think use the integrated circuit IC TL494 power supply circuit be pillar equipment. Make the circuit sees not difficult or repair easy there. The detail is other , please see in the circuit better.

(2.) Compaq power supply 200W

Compaq power supply 200W
Today a friend who is computer repairman visits at a house. He thinks I does the website totals up the circuit. Then give compaq power supply 200Watt Circuit keep announce in the website. By he brings from other website has can’t to remember the name already. As I sees to are not sure alike that yes the circuit of compaq Computer or not. But thank your this friend. There is good often give me always. At least hope that this circuit may advantage with friends , please sir.

(3.) Old power supply computer by TL494

Old power supply computer by TL494
An elder brother of me works about repair a computer. Once meet a problem power supply Switching , of a computer s lose. It is old circuit. I then help to seek give. Get this circuit think may disagree. But enough use can replace. if friends meet same this problem try out please. It can give voltage output 5V , +12V,-12V. Use the integrated circuit TL494 be pillar equipment seek good easy.
By apply to voltage 110V and 220V choose done to a turn SW1. The detail is other a friend sees in the circuit be lucky sir.

(4.) Computer power supply 230W 220V

Circuit power supply computer 230W 220V
Here circuit power supply for computer 230W 220V.
it use IC TL494 and Transistor.
Out put 5V , 12V

(5.) 250W Computer supply china circuit

250W Computer supply china circuit
A friend of me inquires about power supply switching circuit. Which produce from the People’s Republic of China model the circuit is all. Be the Chinese seek difficult many circuits. I then try to seek many circuit. Meet this circuit. Think may yes. Because of there is the Chinese controls all equipment detail. But must beg one’s pardon friends. With that model the circuit not clear however might enough in rows the profit ? A few the a little when see good as a result see equipment position understands not difficult extremely. There is the integrated circuit TL494 with and can give voltage output get +12V,-12V and +5V support using has usually.

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