Multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030 Circuits

This The multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030 circuit. It is have power 8 watt (RMS) at 8 ohm loudspeakers. It is have low noise be valuable THD (Total harmonic distortion) 0.1% , When friends use Power supply Voltage Source 28 Volt at 4 ohm loudspeakers have output power 12Watt. But be high class the noise increases to are 2 times. Besides still three be usable with Volt supply about 9Volt , but there is the electric power is down respectively. The VR1 use for Volume popularity level of sound signal. By if a friend can’t seek 22K values use 50K values can replace. For other detail about the integrated circuit TDA2030 IC and other , friends see in the circuit better yes.


The multi-purpose Amplifier using TDA2030

———————————– See pcb layout below —————————————–

General Purpose Power Amplifier using TDA2030

This is Power Amplifier Genneral Purpose circuit,main part is IC TDA2030.
It is OTL Amp 10W rms at 8ohm.

General Purpose Power Amplifier using TDA2030

———————————– See pcb layout below —————————————–

Hi-Fi audio amplifier by ic TDA2003

This is the Hifi power amplifier circuit, will be used TDA2003 ic number. The normal operation of the integrated circuit,the music amplifier for car audio radio sound.Which it uses the supply voltage from 12 volt car battery.But this circuit adapted for use at home by listening to change power supply to 15 volts.

This allows a higher watt power than the existing 3watt RMS.The TDA2003 IC is protected from damage and short circuits,When the load over.Maximum Voltage of 28 volts, the frequency response 40 Hz – 15 kHz.

When entering the power supply 15 volts to the circuit. The C1 coupling audio signal through the VR1 to adjust the volume.Then sent to the C2 anti-noise DC input signal to the pin 1 of IC.The non inverting amplifier circuit is a non-return phase.This is the signal output pin 4, by a C5 enhances the stability of low-frequency response the better.And noise will be dropped down to ground by R4 and C6 before output to speakers.Another part of the output signal, which is fed back through C3, and R1, to enter the pin 2 inverting.To maintain a constant frequency response at-3dB.And if you want to add. Frequency response is to reduce the C3.The C8 is a filter file before the operation.C7 cut out noise from the supply.If you want a stereo amplifier,Is to create an additional set.

———————————– See pcb layout below —————————————–

TDA2030 Power Amplifier, OTL 15W

TDA2030 Power Amplifier, OTL 15W

PCB of 15-watt OTL Power Amplifier using TDA2030
PCB of 15-watt OTL Power Amplifier using TDA2030

The TDA2030 be the integrated circuit amplifies that highly popular the one number. From this circuit be power amplifier OTL. The electric power about 15W when use 8ohm loudspeakers. But must use power supply the size is appropriate with in this case should use 24V 1A. I have model PCB for the convenience of friends with. Request have funTDA2030 Amplifier OTL 15W , please sir.

2.1 Channel TDA2030A+NE5532 Stereo Pre-Amplifier Amp Audio Board

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