LM2673 -5V 3A Switching Voltage Regulator
Power supply
This is the DC switching regultor Voltage 5V at current 3A. It is make for digital circuit. The important part of the circuit is LM2673, it is 3A Step-Down Voltage Regulator with Adjustable Current Limit. The LM2673 is Simple and easy to design with using off-the-shelf external components. please see circuit diagram and read more source. https://www.national.com/pf/LM/LM2673.html Related Links More circuit about dc converter step down voltage 5V Regulated 5V breadboard mini PSU with 7805 Simple 5V 1A Switching regulator by IC LM2575-5.0 5V 5A switching regulator for digital by LM2678 Regulator 5VDC 200mA by 2N3055 , TL431 More Switching …
5VDC Switching regulator from 9V battery by LT1073-5
Power supply
When i want 5V switching regulator (mini project),so i am used input is 9V battery. The good circuit for work is the IC LT1073-5 (see detail in www.linear.com), it out put 100mA current. The zener diode is 1N5818,L1 = 100uH Detail more please see in image. Related Links All circuits of Switching power supply All circuits of DC converter step down voltage All circuits of Switching regulator Circuit All circuits of Switching Voltage Regulator 5V Regulated Simple 5V 1A Switching regulator by IC LM2575-5.0 5V 5A switching regulator for digital by LM2678 5v Regulated Solar Power Supply Circuit Solar Powered …
9V to 3V Step-Down Converter by LT1073
DC converters
I want mini size switching regulator,so it input voltage 9V to 3V Step-Down Converter circuit. The LT1073 is good idea,it used for dc to dc converter. if want it,please read in https://www.linear.com . Vout 3V at 100mA, L1 100?H , D1 – Diode 1N5818 or equiv Detail more,please in image. Related Links Step down converter circuits All circuit used the LT1073 Switching step down converter 3V power supply 12V 5A power supply Regulator with LM1084IT-12 LM317 Adjustable Regulator For batt 9V Supply 9VDC no transformer 9V 2A Power Supply by 78S09
9V Low Power Switching Regulator by IC RC4193
Power supply
This is the Power Switching Regulator 9V Circuit that is low current power output and It has strong point is the voltage input change from 2.4V to 10V but a constant voltage output 9 Volt. We used the RC4193 Micropower Switching Regulator is the base, easy to use and there are a few parts in circuit. The test battery point for check voltage of batter or input. The low power switching regulator IC, number: RC4193, that that Contained in a small body of caterpillar 8-pin. It is designed for devices that work with batteries. The DC regulator power supply is …
5V 5A switching regulator for digital by LM2678
Power supply
Here is circuit switching regulator 5V 5A for digital circuit. Use IC LM2678-5.0 is High Efficiency 5V 5A Step-Down Voltage Regulator This is good power supply, small size and do not hot. Friends want to build the digital power supply which this circuit “Top Linear power supply regulator 5V 5A with 7812 and LM723” is good quality, but as the too old circuit. Not suitable for this era. So I to find a new and very powerful also an Energy savings. Considering these reasons. We will Using an ICs Switching supply. Because of has very high performance. High energy, while …