LED Chaser Circuits
If you want to build a 10 LED Chaser circuit we suggest this circuit first. It uses popular IC is a simple and affordable IC-4017_decade counter and IC 555
Simple 555 ICs Tester Circuit
Most IC-555 is used to generate frequency, and sometimes we need to know. Is it good or bad? But normal multimeter cannot check it. Thus, I make a simple 555 ICs tester circuit. Which is tested correctly and faster. How it works Resistors R1-R3 acts as limit current and reduce voltage to LED1-LED3. Which is LEDs show state on “Trigger” or “Low” or “High”. The Diode D1 is set voltage to pin 2 less than 1/3 VCC (0.7 volts). When slide switch S1 at position 2 (Trigger IC). Before apply voltage to this circuit, we must put the test IC …
Two divide counter circuit using IC-4027
When you want to decrease the frequency in 2 digital times circuits or Divide Frequency by 2 counter. I advises use IC 4017, because seek easy cheapness can be usable good various. Related Links digital counter circuit More circuits about IC 4017 Frequency Divider circuit Digital frequency divider 10 Hz Timebase by IC 4017 Squarewave Oscillator by IC LM339 XR2206 Function Generator Cmos Logic Clock Oscillator by Ic 4011 X tal Oscillator Frequency by 74LS04