The transistor lat as SCR trigger
Basic Circuits
This circuit works similar to a SCR. When the trigger input is high, Both transistors Q2(PNP transistors) and Q1(PNP transistor) will work. Therefore, a current flow to the base pin of Q2, it has voltage 0.7 volts at resistor R1. When cutting the activation voltage, the transistors can continue to perform, because the base current. The reset circuit will do this by cutting the power supply circuit. Which this circuit we press the switch Reset button only.
Automatic OFF 12V Battery Charger by power SCR
Mini Projects
This stop current give battery, when Voltage of battery tall arrive at the level that load with full speed already ahead for protect something charger too much poor distilled dry water. This circuit can is usable very wide can use with battery many model. By choose diode and SCR at can durable the trend loads topmost follow to want. Fining decorates while initial lead battery at charger until with full speed ahead already come to build reach at a pole for charger. Fine R1 – 500Ohm until Amp Meter begin be down be O as a result fully be usable …
Simple electronic fuse circuit
Mini Projects
The Fuse is a type of electrical equipment to the poor. Because it sacrifices itself. To protect the safety devices in the circuit. In the case of current flow in circuit too much. Until it melted. Due to an error in the circuit. Fuse sold in the market. Can be used once. The structure is a glass cylinder with an alloy of lead wire is connected between the two terminals.When the current through it too much, Alloy within is temperature rises until the melting.Makes wires were cut off. In some experiments a electronic circuits require a fuse protection. Circuit may …