Water Sensor Alarm using LM380
This be Water Sensor Alarm Circuit for warn the water level , by when sensor point touch the water or the rain. The circuit have a voice loud warn hear immediately. By this circuit uses the integrated circuit LM380 , usual use be power amplifier IC the small-sized , seek buy easy , be usable not difficult. For friends loudspeaker choose use 8 ohm small-sized all right. For power supply source 9V sizes arrive at 12V all right. The detail is other , see in the circuit better yes. Related Circuits More circuit about Alarm Sensor More Circuit by IC …
LM380-6W Bridge Power Amplifier Circuit
Today we come to see Bridge Amplifier very small-sized about 6 watts only. This work uses the integrated circuit number LM380 then build easy and economize good. When a friend uses 8ohm loudspeakers. Will have the electric power about 6Watt that Voltage Supply 15V or 12Volt all right. Caution be don’t give late a loudspeaker touches Ground may make LM380 can be damaged. As a result request friends have fun Main Bridge amp miniature this size please sir.