Split stereo signal  circuit
This Split stereo signal circuit model to are simple at use in fining wideness of a signal stereo. Which be valuable very for an earphone stereo. or the system that the opening between a loudspeaker too much.
Police Bicycle Siren circuit using LM324 OP-AMP
My son like to watch movies about the police catch the culprit. However is funny because I do not see in violence model. Some stories the police rides a bicycle to catch the culprit. And turned on the very loud siren. (In the minds of children). The Police Bicycle Siren circuit diagram When I build a project on electronic sirens. So he requests me to build a bicycle police sirens. Which I’m not sure about the sound, However at least his son will like it. By the circuits below. This circuit is the sound generator super siren, for use be …