Simple LED music light circuit

This is a simple LED music light circuit. Music can change the LED light level gamut. Operation of this circuit is a circuit OP-AMP IC1-LM318-Single High-Speed Operational Amplifier / 1-IC1 / 5 compared to the characteristics of the circuit voltage.It has one pin acts as a voltage reference pin.That the pressure from the supply voltage and divide between R1 and R7 pressure used in this circuit will be compared with the pressure drop across R7. As the 2V input side, it will be R2, R3, R4, R5, R6 series, keeping the pressure drop across.Each R as well. If there is…


Strength meter circuit using IC741

This is strength meter circuit that it can test we strong, by catch 2 metals. From that time squeeze meet. It will make LED stick bright arrange prevent according to one's ability of squeezing the metal. The work of the circuit uses our body is formed lead the electricity changes to reach in the circuit.


Balance display circuit by BC147

This Balance display circuit,be the circuit shows the equilibrium in the sound in stereo system. By indicate that stereo system signal on the left and right have or not is a signal equal ? Which if signal both of channel left sound and right channel equilibrium or balance prevent. The LED bilateral switch off but conversely if 2 both of channel sounds are rough LED any one stick bright. When one party power circuit. And input audio stereo signal into the input box if the left and right channel audio signal equal to the Q1 and Q3 the same stream.…

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